Eagle eye F30 XML-U2 super bright three hard anodized portable floodlight glare flashlight

Hi,everyone ,

I am Sky from EagleEye,any question pls send PM to me ,thank you! here is our model F30 for you review,

If you need more information pls click here : http://www.eagleeyelight.com.cn/product/html/?37.html

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Good Day Sky, aka EagleEye_flashlight,

Welcome to BLF!!

Btw, Very nice flashlight....

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My computer will not load this page. Can someone post an image.

So is this spam?

Looks like a Convoy s8

NO, it it is NOT spam...

That is a FALSE Positive from your AntiVirus/Security software, probably AVG....

Someone post a pic please

The "HOT" sign is very cool...

keengeorge. Thank you.

Any info about the driver?

Very good question, I guess it will be the standard eagle eye driver. Pictures show 4 modes, but on the other side the pictures show also generation one XML…

It might be glued? A XML2 would definitely be better.

EagleEye, please make your lights deserving of the “HOT” warning on max setting with high A! Love the X6, but not the output and lack of heat! 4modes is much much better than the standard 3 modes advertised as “5” with 2 blinkies.

Will this work for a quad host?

Nice. I’m still waiting for the new F35 to be released.

Not sure about a quad but I do know that a 20mm triple does barely fit. This has an integrated 16mm shelf so I would guess that some mass would need to be added and the tight squeeze will come in when you try and install the optics+lens+o-ring.

The new F35 will be released shortly ,I will update on the website,Thanks!

good light!