Eagle Eye XP-L HI X6 & BLF X6-SE Comparison

Hi everyone! I made an album showing the differences I noticed between the XP-L HI X6 and the BLF X6-SE.

Hopefully It’s useful for anyone interested -


The XP-L HI X6 is slightly taller than the BLF X6. Not due to the battery tube or tailcap; those are the exact same height. It is due to the screw on bezel. The XP-L X6’s bezel is just a bit taller then the BLF X6’s bezel.
The anodizing feels nicer on the new X6. I wouldn’t say it’s matte, but the anodizing is less shiny than it is on my BLF X6. I prefer less shiny anodizing. You can see how differently the light reflects on each X6.

The good-ol’ BLF X6.

The XP-L HI X6.

Knurl Comparison:

First is BLF X6.

Next is XP-L HI X6.

A close-up on the tailcap of the BLF-X6.

The machining, to my eye, seems to have improved on the new XP-L X6. Notice the difference of surface texture on the BLF X6 and the XP-L X6 on this picture.

BLF-X6 Logo Flat Differences:

Is it called a logo flat? Sorry for my use of made-up words.
There’s differences on the laser etching and logo flat size between the BLF X6 and XP-L X6. The logo flat is a bit less wide than on the XP-L X6. Alao, the logo on the BLF X6 is a bit faded. I tried to make the differences more noticeable with different lighting. Just a note that this BLF X6 is a shelf queen. After I received it, it remained in the box and has never left the house.


The threads have these slopes to them on the BLF X6. Hopefully it’s easy to see. They’re squared off triangular threads.

The XP-L HI X6 has full on square threads.

BLF X6 Collar:

Just under the o-ring, the collar thing above the knurl is wider on the BLF X6. Its much more noticeable visually.

On the XP-L X6, the collar thing is a bit slimmer, and doesn’t protrude as much. It’s not as pronounced as on the BLF X6.

Head Threads:

These are the threads on the head where the bezel screws on to. The BLF X6’s threads are very triangular and thin, but slightly squared off. They always felt fragile when removing the bezel, and I have even broken a piece of thread off just by trying to screw the bezel on.

The XP-L HI head threads are much chunkier in comparison.


The reflector of the BLF X6. It’s a bit dusty in there after I took out the reflector and put it back in. The heads of both the XP-L X6 and BLF X6 are exactly the same size visually. Just the threads, and screw on bezel are different.

XP-L HI X6 Reflector.

On the left is the XP-L HI X6 reflector and on the right is the BLF X6’s.
The BLF X6 reflector is slightly taller. The XP-L HI X6 is much more bulbous.



O-Ring Comparison:

The o-ring for the XP-L X6 (left) is much more red, and a tiiny bit thicker than the orange o-ring on the BLF X6 (right).

Copper MCPCB:

The MCPCB is copper! Which is surprising with how much this light costs. I used the tailcap to prop it up for the photo.

XP-L HI X6 Emitter:

This is just what the inside looks like. All the white stains are thermal paste I had on my fingers that dirtied up the light.

REALLY bad XP-L HI X6 Beamshot:

The only camera I had was my phone, I’m really sorry for the quality.
My phone has manual controls, so I was able to at least get something that resembles a beamshot. It was a VERY hazy night. One of the haziest. About 180 meters. ISO 3200, Shutter Speed 1/5.
This is with the 5B tint.

Stock Xintd XP-G2 Beamshot

For comparison, here’s a beamshot taken of my Xintd using the same camera settings and a fully charged battery that same hazy night. It’s bit less noisier than the X6 picture, but the ISO and shutter speed were the same.

Here’s the same area during the day.

Feel free to request anything or ask any questions.

Thanks for this comparaison!

Is the throw of the XPL HI really better than for the XML?

What 18650 do you use for this flashlight? I want to buy the X6 XPL HI but I hesitate for the choice of battery.

It beats the throw of the XM-L2 3C X6 I have that’s spring bypassed! I will put up pictures when I get the chance to do a nicer beamshot photo. And I just use regular protected NCR18650B cells! Works just fine. :bigsmile:


What brand of battery do you use, there are a lot and many are bad quality, so the choice is difficult

I appreciate you taking the time for an in depth comparison. Thank you!


Any major brand will do, such as Keeppower (most affordable but same quality), Olight (overpriced), Nitecore (overpriced), Thrunite, etc. And anything from mtnelectronics.com is great.
Don’t buy batteries where the brand ends with “fire.” Except Thorfire, which I think are good.

I wish I could go more into detail. I’m not too knowledgeable about batteries except for the most basic stuff.

It was really fun doing it! I’m glad you enjoyed it! :slight_smile:

No problem! :bigsmile:

Where did you buy the XPL-HI version you show in the comparison?

BTW very nice photos and descriptions on the comparison, thanks for doing this!

Agreed…this was very well. The pictures and descriptions are super detailed and helpful. Thank you jescereal!

Thank you!

And I bought it here:

There’s a thread about this light going on around here on Blf. If you search for ” X6” it should show up if you want to read everyone’s thoughts on it! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind words!

Very nice review! Makes me want to order the new light.

If you had both reflectors side by side, how can you tell which one is which?
I think I read that the ‘HI’ emitter takes a somewhat different reflector.

Look at the pictures in the link first post. The shape of the reflectors are different. The XP-L Hi reflector has more of a curve to it.

tristanxoxo is correct about the HI reflector being more curvy. It’s really noticeable in person.
The opening for the emitter is also much wider on the HI X6 reflector compared to the BLF X6 reflector. The final big difference is that the HI reflector is a tad bit shorter than on the BLF X6.

Thanks for the comparison, I liked your attention to detail and your commentary, and your nice macro shots of the subtle differences. Very nice!

I ordered a host early this fall and built it with an XM-L2 and honestly the beam is pretty awesome. I would not hesitate to do this again, infact I may.