EastwardYJ J06

Just arrived. No charged cells around as the 6 new ones are in the balance charger and probably won't be ready till morning - it's 9pm here. Hence no numbers yet, just some quick pictures. There will be a review in due course. It seems nicely made, but the pics can speak for themselves.

Nice satin finish that seems very even. Since I received it 4 hours ago, I've no idea of durability.

DX says that it is a 4.2V maximum light. The body says otherwise. Till someone finds out the hard way, it is a 4.2V light as far as I am concerned. That said, tail current with an 18650 of unknown quality and charge state gave only 1.9A at the tailcap so it might be 8.4V capable - or might not.

Size comparison with some other single 18650 lights. Piritlight SG-L8, RQ thrower, butchered Uniquefire HS-802, Eastward, Solarforce L2i. As throwy 18650 lights go it is reasonably small.

The business end. Nicely centred LED which is an XM-L

Body tube. Nice clean threads that have ben lubed.

The tailcap end of the tube - a nice large contact area.

The inner side of the switch and the other end of it. It does tailstand but not as well as some.

Back of the head.

Minus front end

Deep reflector.

Reflector dissected out.

The beam

Comparison ceiling beamshot.


EastwardYJ J06, Solarforce L2i with Solarforce low-voltage single-mode R2 dropin, RQ thrower. The RQ is on high and the EastwardYJ on low. The L2i is in its only mode. The hotspot in the RQ beam seems very much larger in this picture than it is to my eye - no camera sensor has remotely close to the dynamic range of a human eyeball.

With a known to be not very good 18650, i just got

High: 2400mA

Medium: 1200mA

Low: 600mA

And so to the lightbox.

These are provisional numbers almost certainly to be revised upwards as the only charged cells I had around were two known to be not very good ones.

Light Battery
EastwardYJ J06 High 18650
EastwardYJ J06 Medium 18650
EastwardYJ J06 Low 18650

Over 23K lux with that big of a hotspot....That's impressive. I can't wait for the full review.


EastwardYJ J06 Low (It also has a medium setting but I missed it)

Eastward High

RQ Low

RQ High Something's wrong here - I can't see any difference between the high and low setting.

Ultrafire XM-L dropin Low

Ultrafire XM-L dropin Medium

Ultrafire XM-L dropin High

The Ultrafire dropin is the brightest of the three but doesn't throw nearly as well.

Very good body, it lack grease under the star , perhaps adding some could improve the heat transfer and the sag in medium at least decrease a bit ...look as what i was trying to find ,too bad this month can't get it, maybe next...

It really does look very nice, those large scallops out of the head really give it a well made look.

Great review as always Don. That’s a very nice looking host. I'm glad to see that the XML plays well with the deep reflector.

Because I wasn't sure just check mine XM-L P10 at medium ( 1A) and has not any sag even at three or more minutes, you have there way better material to dissipate heat.

Also did a quick test regarding with or without thermal grease , not a minor thing though.

XP-G R5 attached with screws to a proper heatsink feed with an 18650 and 4 mc7135 regulators ( 1,4 A)

327 L at start going fast (immediately ) to 310 305 at 2 minutes

326 L at start slowly going to 319 at 2 minutes

Since it'll be easy to do, I'll undo the screws holding the star down (It appears to be a 20mm star which I've not seen in a while) and see if there is anything under there - if the thermal compound is applied properly it shouldn't show, but like you, I doubt it is there at all.

23200 lux@1m at only 2.4 amp??????

it have screws, I like that, and apears to have good dropin

Yes - when i first got into lights, all the LEDs were mounted on 20mm stars and almost all of them had screws holding the star down. This is the firs new 20mm star I've seen in over a year.

But back then you didn't get 20,000 lux at 1m out of anything you could carry.

Which was better with grease or without grease?

Lovely flashlight design. I wouldn't mind one but it's around 4USD above my limit (defined by customs).

I would love to hear about it some more after you rebuild it properly. It has potential for good heatsinking i guess.

Coated lens?

Did i say that is looking very good?

Added to my Wishlist. Thanks for the review Don.

Only with my fingerprints :)

Took it out to check and it seems to be plastic. Time to check if KD has one in this size. It appears to be 36.6mm in diameter and 1.5mm thick. KD don't have anything suitable and flashlightlens.com who do want $5.25 for one plus probably twice that in shipping. Not worth it for a $30 light.

I pulled the screws and there is definitely heatsink compound under the star - it is now all over my fingers. And I forgot to mention - it has a forward clickie which doesn't make sense to me in a multimode light, but it has one anyway...

Some folks will love this, some, like me, would prefer a reverse clicky.


Obviously it wasn't obvious as I thought , sorry how2

Better with compound since his function is fill the small, very small only , air gaps due imperfections , scratches and such between the surfaces of the star and the pill...with a very good work there can be achieved a thermal resistance of 1 C/W , that mean in a 5W powered emitter 5 C difference between the star and the pill , a lousy job as with that Chinese or not glue could result in a thermal resistance of 2 or more C/W with the result of the junction of the mentioned emitter working at more temperature than necessary.Polished metal with metal ( screws the best) and a tiny layer of grease is the way.

Ok, that plastic lens led me out until other torch show up,too bad the lens are only available at that paypal' hater guy, his shipping cost are not outrageously expensive by American standards if you order more than one lens but he want CC pay, no thanks

Also his contact information is a kind of 'watch out ! we want your money not your problems , check the info provided you lazy idiot !

They have 36.7mm x 1.5mm plane glass lenses at DX, you do have to buy 10 though it seems - $3.45 for 10.