Easy stand lanyard mount (picture heavy)

Many of our lights have lanyard slots in the tail caps but there is no way to mount the lanyard in a normal fashion and have it still tail stand with any stability.

M3TAL_L0RD came up with his own method and I tried it but was unhappy with how it added extra width to the tail cap and the lanyard wouldn't stay put where it was supposed to and it annoyed the hell out of me. After studying the problem I came up with an easy and effective method.

To make this all you need is some proper nylon cord from an ordinary lanyard that when knotted will not slip through the lanyard slot machined into the tail of your flashlight, a small split ring, a knife to trim your cord, a lighter to melt the ends of your cord, and whatever tools needed to disassemble the tail cap.

Slip the split-ring over the cord

Tie a simple over-under knot in the cord centering the split-ring and pull it tight.

Guide the ends of the cord through the lanyard slot in the tailcap.

Tie another knot in the cord and tighten it securely anchoring the whole thing snugly to the lanyard slot.

This next step I forgot take pictures of so I will just describe it. Trim the excess cord up to the knot. Using your lighter, carefully heat the inside knot until it gets putty like. Before it cools and hardens press it tight to the inside of the lanyard slot. Reassemble the tail switch and you are complete.

Perfect tail stands.

Nice, simple and neat.


Haha, I noticed too that lanyard didn't stay put were it supposed to and changed my lanyard couple days ago. Just made simple knot. Little bit ugly but stops rolling.

Yours looks much better :cry: :lol:

Simple , cheap , amd effective .

Both of those options look pretty good! Very nice guys!