eBay 25% off [USA Only, and maybe Canada?]

Once again, I found this on another forum.

I wish I needed to buy something on the bay!


Starts soon!! Read the web page for all terms.


This Coupon is a 25% discount, valid from 8:00 AM PT on November 29, 2018 until 11:59 PM PT on December 1, 2018. No minimum purchase required. Discount applies to the purchase price (excluding shipping, handling, and taxes) of eligible item(s) on ebay.com. Eligible items are items with a 25% discount coupon available through the offer code PSAVE25 displayed at checkout. The discount will be applied to eligible item(s) only and will be capped at a value of $25. Eligible items exclude warranties and protection plans.

How to redeem your Coupon:

  1. Eligible items will have the coupon code PSAVE25 displayed on the checkout page.
  2. Pay for your item by 11:59 PM PT on December 1, 2018.
  3. Check the box next to PSAVE25 or enter the Coupon code in the redemption code field: PSAVE25

Some of the people on redflagdeals.com, a Canadian hot deals site, are saying that you can have your account "registered" in the USA, but still use the code and get the items shipped to Canada. I don't know the logistics of this, so it's up to you to find out how kosher this is. The terms say nothing about having a USA shipping address. It's worth a shot. Maybe contact eBbay support somehow to find out.


Thanks for the heads up, raccoon. :+1:

Man, I haven’t bought anything from eBay in over a decade. What’s worth buying from there these days?

I frequently buy from eBay, but they had a 15% off coupon last week and I got the few things I needed that were cheapest on eBay.

Now I don't need anything from there.

Good to know about the discount, I’ll keep it mind.

Boy, everything I’m interested in on Ebay doesn’t have the discount code. Oh well.

Tried a couple of items but no sucess. Kinda wish you could pull up the items eligible and sort through them. Might find something that way.

Hmmm… I’ve got literally hundreds of items bookmarked in eBay, waiting on an excuse to buy (no real need). Maybe I should go have a look… :innocent:

That would be great! No way though and this is just another way that Ebay gets you shopping just to buy stuff.

Let us know if you actually get this to work.

RC, thanks for alerting us with this even if it doesn’t work for most.

Well, I just looked through my saved items and picked three things I’d like to buy with this code. I added them to my cart and then went to checkout. I didn’t see the code listed anywhere, so I typed it in manually. EBay said that coupon code couldn’t be applied to my items. So I backed out and deleted all the items from my cart. Apparently, there is some category of eligible items that we don’t know about. :rage:


Do not take the risk of ordering stuff, especially with such a heavy back catalog at Canada Post. Taking the risk in this case is not a good thing to wait for such a long time.

I used to buy a lot of stuff on the bay…when it was an auction site. :weary:

It's still an auction site.


And I apologize for this deal I posted.

It looks like it turned out to be a dud.

No need to apologize. I appreciate your posting this. It would have been a good deal if it worked. It's not your fault eBay doesn't want to give discounts for the exact things a bunch of flashlight enthusiasts are interested in buying.

I just searched ebay for flashlight.
can’t find any auctions on the first page

If you just want to see auctions, click on "Auction."


Yeah, eBay is still an auction site. I believe they added the Buy It Now option because buyers wanted that (and possibly some sellers did too). Not everyone wants to get in a bidding war. And some people may not have several days to wait for an auction to end when they realize that they need something.

I haven’t bought from eBay in a long time for other reasons. They have, in the past, had items that I just couldn’t find elsewhere, or they were significantly cheaper than I could find elsewhere. I thought I’d found a good excuse to buy from there today, but no luck. Oh well, maybe next time. :innocent:

well, I see a vast array of crap portrayed as quality stuff at stupid prices and offered through ebay.
Are they offering warranty or quality assurance, no never mind,
I guess since they bought Paypal they have control over every aspect of their sales so they don’t have to police anything anymore.

RC, I appreciate you posting the deal. Maybe the next one will work. There are things I would buy with the extra discount.