EBL AA 2800 mah rechargeable battery

Just purchased some EBL 2800 mah rechargeable batteries and out of the box, ran a test at factory settings 700mah charge on an OPUS BT 3100 v2 charger/tester. Here is the result with approx 100mah overstated from OPUS. This was done for everyone’s curiosity about getting this much mah in a AA.

Nice amount.

What is going on with the 3rd battery. Didnt it finish discharging yet?


Sorry about that, just added more pics. Guessing one is somewhat defective. I will do another test today at 200mah charge and see if we get different results. And the bottom pic is the charge time.

Also the #3 battery is not straight in the charger, so maybe it was a bad contact with the charger. Moved it to the #1 position to verify the charger is ok.

Looking forward to the results!

Usually you need to put NiMH through a few cycles before it reports the full capacity.

Anyone know how the # of charge cycles or discharge compare to eneloop pro (500 charge cycles).

Need some AA rechargeables but eneloops are kind of pricey.

In my experience very high capacity NiMh tend to develop very high internal resistance and functional capacity drop in a short time, at least the ones I have did. Can’t use them for much besides low output LED’s.
I have not tried that brand. Seems to be popular on Amazon. Check the IR now, and report capacity and IR back in a year of regular use. Be good to see how they hold up.

I do.

Eneloop pro

EBL 2800

OK, that test took some time at 200mah discharge and then 200mah charge. This is only 2 cycles for these new batteries and the capacity did go up slightly. The OPUS BT C3100 charger has been said to read 100mah high, so maybe factor that in. I am not trying to sell these batteries or am I affiliated with any supplier, just needed some rechargeable batteries for a camera and thought you may be interested to know these are not 2800mah batteries but still very respectable at 10.00 for 4 on Ebay.

Total mah discharge capacity

Discharge and charge at 200mah

Approx 13hrs charge time, Discharge time was almost exactly the same.

Full charge volts. Note: the charger discharges to .9v before the charge cycle begins.

Internal resistance test after full charge in mil ohms, Note: Charger has 30mil ohms that has to be deducted from this reading.

Here is the weight at 29.1gr.

@CNCMan, if these were real 2800mAh cells, they’d have a lot of self discharge, and would probably self discharge in about a month. So, these are probably based on the 2700mAh Powerex cells, and these self-discharge in about 90 days.

Let me tell you a story:

What if I told you that the 3000mAh cell listings you see on eBay and AliExpress are actually based on real 3000mAh cells?

Once upon a time too, there were 3000mAh NiMH legit cells, but they had a self discharge rate so high they would usually drain in 2 weeks. That is because the cell is only packed with active material, which gives it very high capacity, but with a tiny separator and no chemical stabilizer, the remaining charge would dissipate extremely quickly, and drain the cell to 0% in 2 weeks as stated before. For that reason, the 3000mAh cells were very quickly taken out of the market.

When Panasonic came along, there was the regular Eneloop. There is an additive that forms a spinel structure inside of the cell, which means more note surface area is in contact with the ions inside of the cell, which grants it low resistance, along with much higher ion retention, meaning much lower rates of cell discharge. With much less active material, capacity was lowered to 1900mAh though. That was an excellent trade off though.

In the Eneloop Pro, there is still some spinal structure, but less of it, and in higher capacity cells, like 2700mAh, there is only active material, but self discharge is significantly higher, draining in 3 months.

Ah, I forgot the reason why it’s suggested to stick with regular eneloops vs eneloop pros.

Guess I should not have posted this, thought I was helping. Maybe i should delete it.

Oh you are helping a lot of people.

I would have never posted about this, while you did.

It is interesting to see that the EBLs are actually legit cells though.

And if you keep your eyes peeled open you can find a deal on them that makes buying other cells really not necessary.
The eneloop cell has proven its self for years and seen all kinds of abuse. They are the standard for rechargeable NIMH batteries.
There are better deals once and awhile, Costco use to run deals on eneloop’s regularly.
I got in on a target deal about 5 years ago, I paid $3 and some change for a AA 4 pack. I think it was $2 and some change for a 4 pack of AAA’s.
I bought around 40 cells and there all still going strong as far as I know. I don’t really have that many cycles on them though, but they work when I need them to. Just keep watching and learning, they are eneloop’s out there in rebranded cells that are quite reasonable. Amazon’s Basic’s use to be eneloop’s but from the reviews I have seen lately they have changed to china cells.
Another thought to be eneloop. https://www.amazon.com/Fujitsu-Ready-rechargeable-battery-1900mAh/dp/B00PUT1NPC
Just my 2 cents :smiley:

Ok what.


This says Made in Japan.

That is one bait and switch if true.

What are you referring to bait and switch.

Oh sorry. I was saying that if they switched the Japan Made Cells with the China made ones, while not changing the description to account for it, would that not be a bait and switch?

Yes it would but amazon never advertised them as japan cells. You can read the first review in this link. Then read the recent reviews.
Wonder why amazon has a review from 2013 as the first review. Maybe its because he says they’re rebranded eneloop’s :frowning: .
Looks like they were eneloops up until the end of last year.

No way, good info in this thread. From AAcycler site looks like the EBL’s are decent cells just maybe not as good as some of the others.

Thanks 007, never been to this sight before, but see I’m new here at BLF and new to this amazing world of LED flashlights. I don’t use AA’s for flashlights just needed something around 2500mah for a small camera and a Dremel tool. Didn’t mean to step on anyone’s toes. But i guess that is going to happen occasionally. Did not know everyone likes Eneloop batteries. Sorry about that.