EDCGEAR carabiner tools, mini prybars, keyring gadgets, etc.

I am sure I saw these on Kickstarter, in titanium, but I cannot find the thread about them. Anyway, here are budget-friendly incarnations in stainless steel, at DX:

DX have a small range, including the pocket hanger I saw at Banggood, for a little bit cheaper (2.15 USD).

Oh, they’ve even copied the Sliver Gripper tweezers…

I found the Kickstarter page. It was funded last year.

Weight 0.92 oz (26 g)

Few more from Fasttech:”

26g, is not a lot, but with keys or a knife?

I wonder if they were produced by same factory as Navy or Nextool.

is 26g thrice the weight of DQG?

DQG VII (really, #7 revision?!) with cell is 15g:

the light without cell, pocket clip, 2 rings and clasp is 8g or so.

Its really DQG V version II.

Thanks Chloe, I didn’t know I needed a carabiner until I saw your post. :slight_smile: It might even be useful. I see a Maxpedition “Beefy” EDC organizer in my future. :open_mouth:


That navy cui 2001 was the best damn bottle opener I’ve had (1st link from fasttech)…gave it to my stepdad and that started him into the edc world. About 2 years later he’s completely blown my collection out of the earth with plus $2000 knives and Mcgizmo lights :zipper_mouth_face:

Great tool, and nice and small (and light)

I had to buy one to see what it was like, a lot of metal for ~£2, wondering why the hell the rubber “O” ring came with it until I read the listing again, “the rubber ring is for fastening 1/4 screwdriver”. obvious really. H)

Anyway, it holds a Torx bit, a bit wobbly and it needs a thumb on the end to apply pressure for any tightening or loosening actions, and the “O” ring will get lost, guaranteed. The bottle opener works. It will make a good P7 type suspension clip with the addition of a keyring, a heavy one!

Not bad shipping time, I got it 25th March, ordered on 16th March - 9 days is good enough for any of the Chinese sellers.

Is it really 7.3 cm long and weighs 26 grams?

I’m still waiting on a digital scale from FastTech but it feels quite weighty.
73mm it certainly is, a slab of Stainless folded. Still not sure exactly what I’m going to use it for, keys already have a 1” monkey fist on them, best keyring ever!!

Thanks for the info!


Do you think it would work as a small prybar, for things like tins of paint?

The tip is bevelled to about a 1mm edge from the 2.5mm thick tool, depends on the size of tin. Small model making Humbrol size probably not easily but 0.5L and 1L or 2.5L tins then yes. If the lid was on ultra tight like first opening from the factory then there’s only at most 45mm leverage. Anyway I thought that flat head screwdrivers were for, opening paint tins.

I’d say give it a go, it’s some more “stuff” and that’s got to be good.

Thanks! I usually use a flat screwdriver for paint. I just needed some justification. >.< I sort of fancy the second hexagonal one as a keyring object…