EDI-T P4... Backordered

I paid for an EDI-T P4 (from DealExtreme) on November 21st. Today is December 17th and the flashlight's status is... Backordered. I've been wanting this torch for a long time. I remember back when the prices of most of the EDI-T flashlights doubled overnight at DX, and then months later they were reintroduced at friendlier prices. I don't think it would get here in 45 days time even if they ship it out today. Should I cancel the order, and what should I order instead? (I really dig the shape and compact size of this 18650 zoomie.)


What would you do if you were in my shoes?

I ordered a couple from here before.

I cancelled my DX order... and decided to give volumerates some business.

Thank you E1320!

Odd, I just got mine from DX. Order details show it was ordered 12/2/2011, shipped 12/5, just arrived on 12/15. Perhaps cancel & try a reorder or volumerates.

I would like to order a spare since I really love it & I'm already modding the first a bit. Has volumrates come through recently E1320?

Mine does have ramping mode but no thermal paste under the star. A plastic ring is pressed tightly down against the star & was difficult to remove.

yeah! Thanks for that!

I've got an update for the EDI-T P4. I cancelled my order with DealExtreme, but they chose not to issue a refund. So I did the PayPal song and dance and got my refund. I think DX is really close to earning an AVOID label.

I received my "EVI-L" P4 from volumerates. The problem is that it is powered by 3xAAA batteries; not an 18650. So now I am in negotiations with volumerates. I hope they have more class than DX. The 3xAAA version is not that great. My Tank007 TK-737 is a lot nicer, but it is also quite a bit larger. And so the P4 saga continues...

+1 - I think DX has shipped mine, I soooooo hope it ramps. It will definitely get upgraded to highest bin emitter if it does...

uh oh


That's strange I got 2 from volumerates using the link I posted above and both were 18650 powered and have ramping.

Volumerate is Dx's wholesale department ..

Volume rates is probably a spin off of that ...one of those we aren't related to them but we sorta re ..but not really ..edi-t made a 3AAA version of this light and people have also recieved the non ramping version too although that is rarer ...welcome to the never ending saga like the elusive eastward 4 mode lights .

High stakes poker is less gambling than these guys .. pay your money and roll the dice ..."come on Seven"

They sent the 3 x aaa version instead of the 18650 version. I have raised a support ticket. It does however have the hidden ramp mode.

i think it is their business model. put a slightly lower price up, take people's money and get interest on it for 1 or 2 months, THEN purchase a large number of the product for shipment - no extra stuff laying around depreciating...

i'm about done ordering stuff from them that is available on other sites - just not worth the wait and tracking/checking orders to save 1 or 2 dollars on a cheap light

In my case I didn't have any problem, I have ordered it on December 9th, hey sent it on December 15th 2011 and I have received it on January 14th (four days ago).

Mine came with ramp hidden modes and 18650.

right after dx got them, and it fit 18650's. it was also oversized and underdriven, with a huge amount of battery rattle, so i gave it away.

RECAP: I paid $11.49 for my P4, and VolumeRates sent me a vastly inferior flashlight.

UPDATE: VR offered me a $4 store credit for my next purchase.

My response: No way, of course.

My counteroffer: A PayPal dispute.

DealExtreme and VolumeRates, why do we always have to do this the hard way?

Post #500! Woo hoo!

Now VolumeRates has offered a $5 refund (instead of a $4 store credit.)

And they told me, "We didn't send you the wrong item , it is just different with the photo showing on website."

I say, Dispute 'em all and let PayPal sort them out.

Really wish they would keep them straight, I'd like another 18650 p4.

I would still be looking for a 18650 p4 but I'd take a 3xAAA p4 for $6.49.

DX customer support got back to me today (I thought they were still on CNY holidays).

I raised a support ticket with photos and dimensions and stated in simple English that I did not want or need a aaa light but wanted a 18650 version of the light and asked either for a refund or a correct replacement to be sent.

They have offered a full refund ($11.70) which I have accepted and I get to keep the aaa version.

I am happy with this outcome.

Now to watch for the paypal refund.

Got mine yesterday, they sent the wrong one. It uses 3 x AAA instead of 18650.

The light seems weak on AAA but it does have the Ramp feature.

Paypal dispute has begun.

UPDATE Within a few minutes of opening the Paypal dispute I got email from DX saying that the money will be refunded. Now I will wait for the money to arrive back in my Paypal account.

AAA version just arrived

can only get about 1 turn on tail cap w/ my shortest 18650 in there.

just opened a case - plus two others for lights not received and approaching 45 days.

I'm done ordering from DX unless the product is not sold anywhere else...

edit: somebody tell me how to see if it has ramping. i guess it will make an ok gift. it is kind of fat - makes me wish it was 3xAA and 44mm lens real bad

edit2: it does have ramping, and ultra low, but if somebody could link a description of how to use I'd appreciate it...not sure if it has memory after ramping or what...thanks