-EDIT- Lots of FURTHER reduced prices on flashlights at Home Depot (Post 22 + 80)

These are all the lights that were brought out just before Thanksgiving and had been in their own displays since then through Christmas. They are all now at reduced prices.

YLHDMMV (Your Local Home Depot Mileage May Vary)

Nice. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll head on over and see if some DST’s are left and if they’re on sale.

Maybe grab the 2pack 300’s, they’re supposed to be nice iirc.

While I was there, I saw one last DST, all by itself on a shelf. I have been keeping an eye on it for a couple of months. During that time, it was unpriced, but when I scanned it at self check out it would ring up at $12. That is to be expected as that was the final closeout price. This time, however, it scanned at $12.06! The last Defiant 5C that had been scanning at $13 for the last few months is now $13.06

Go figure.

Those safety armbands look very interesting.
Thank you for posting the deals.

I’ve got errands to run tomorrow so I’ll be able to check then… if they’re on final sale for $12 I may be required to grab one or two… perhaps the whole display case. :wink:

Not one single light in my HD. They pulled them from the floor instead of having the sale and they will hold them till next year. BS.

None of these are available in Queensbury NY HD. Oh well. Thanks for the heads up anyway. Ed.


No more DST at my store. :_(

They did have a little area set up of all the clearance lights and whatnot. They had the newer Defiant slimmer head on super closeout clearance at 19.00, previously 19.99

i dont see any of those sales here in the Canadian HDs yet…

Be patient!

Hey, aren’t you THE guy that got the DST for $6? :slight_smile:

Pity i don’t live in the States anymore :_( the country that made me a flashaholic. I miss the two Home Depot not far from my apartment…if i’m still there i might grab a few of these flashlights |(

yes they sold off the DSTs here for $6 bucks, i managed to snag 7 of them last fall. :bigsmile:


I would have bought the freakin’ pallet!

Possibly because the Marquis stated that it would be against the rules.

Sounds like you understand New York Top Cat. Thanks, Ed.

And they suddenly have a whole display of the DST for $12.06 each.

They have a total of 16 of them, so if anyone wants any, PM me and I can arrange something. Because shipping is so high, I would suspect that only CONUS would make sense.

I too live in CT. Which HD has these? Would like to pickup one

On my way to Home Depot now in Fort Worth. I will post what I find.

This was Bloomfield, CT

Since that visit, I have been to Glastonbury, Manchester, West hartford and in MA, Leominster and Worcester. None of those stores had the selection that Bloomfield has. Sorry for the false hope guys. If anyone REALLY has to have some, PM me and I will see what I can do. CONUS only of course.

None at Rancho Cucamonga store