-EDIT- Lots of FURTHER reduced prices on flashlights at Home Depot (Post 22 + 80)

I think I saw $11.06 tonight for the DSTs. They pulled most of the $19.00 650L 3D Defiants off the floor, just a couple thrown in the regular flashlight section.

Wallet is now hemorrhaging and coughing up blood! :tired:

WAS marked down from $11.88 to $6

Now markded down to $2.98

WAS marked down from $7.88 to $3

Now marked down to $0.98

Here are the pics of the further reductions, there are some really blow out prices here.
A 3D XM-L2 flastlight for $8.98

2 pack of lighted arm bands .98

300 Lumen 4C spotlight. Also comes with car adapter (the adapter is worth the price alone) ($3.98)

2 pack light stick $1.50

8 pack of flashlights and 24 batteries $2.98

6 pack fllashlights, 4 pack headlight and batteries $5.98

Looks like I will be getting one of those spotlights afterall, assuming there is one in stock tomorrow. Perhaps one of those 8 or 10 packs of super cheapies too…. Maybe one of the 650lm 3D as well… :bigsmile:

Why not get it over with, buy one of each. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll notice that when the 3D went to 19.00 in the first post, there were 8. At this further reduced price of 8.98 there were still 7. Wanna guess how many there are now?
I’ll give you a hint: One of the store employees followed me away from the display. I thought he was going to complain to me, but instead he informed me that there were more somewhere if I wanted them. :open_mouth:

That $4 spot light has what looks to be an XP-G2. It also has 6 red led’s around the perimeter of the reflector and turn on as a third mode. High-Low-RED

I think staff knew this was coming, all the 650L 3-D's disappeared from the floor a week ago, not just from the promotion area where they were before Christmas but anywhere in the entire store, ground level or on the overhead overstock shelves.

I just wEnt online and there are 3 stores in the area that still show stock of 17, 20, and 9. At what price, I do not know.

What is it with you Dchomak? I use to think you had the finder power. Now I think you walk into a place and the prices you look at all fall to their knees and say, "We're not worthy!". No, you have the changing power. Same with your lights. You change them into big multi-emitters on wheels or landscape lighting. I'm not complaining. Well, as long as you keep looking at flashlight related items.

Just packed up all three kids (5,3,2) and zipped over to my local HD. Unloaded everyone and paraded in.

Bummer, everything is still two or three markdowns higher than these prices. Wish I knew someone who worked there who could give me a heads up when/if stuff comes down.

Would like the Spotlight, 3D 650, the Armormax and 4 or so of those stretch holsters. The holsters looked pretty nice…heavy-duty-ish plastic belt clip. Looked to me like p60 type bodies on up to C8’s would maybe fit. No bottom really, so dunno about the smaller 18650’s; Roche F12, Conway S-123456s etc. Need to take a light in. At $8 it would take some more convincing. At under 4? I’d take 4.


$9? Ehh…. Nah I’m good.

$4? I need 3 for me, 6 for ‘future gifts’… The dog could use a couple too. The chickens will definitely need one………. Just give me the whole display box, thanks. :smiley:

Yes I am beginning to think I do have the power. Oh, and it extends WAY beyond lights.

TOOLS, that’s were it’s really at.

This is a 24” Aluminum Pipe Wrench, price $1.91

The receipt

I acquired these over a period of 2 weeks. Each size went on clearance at different times. All wrenches were between $2-$4
That is a DST there for scale, looks pretty small, right?
3 - 24 inch
3 - 18 inch
1 - 14 inch
3 - 10 inch
Why pipe wrenches on a light forum. Have you ever tried to unscrew a head that was glued on? :bigsmile:
Just kidding, for that I use a little heat and some strap wrenches.

I was just in a hd by me and there was a camo qbeam 150lm rechargeable spotlight it was made by either brinkmann or defiant, it had a built in battery but it was marked down to $16.98. I picked it up several times and put it back then I realized my phone was missing (dropped it loading pellets in the cart) so I forgot to go back over and grab it. Luckily the person who found my phone was nice enough to take it to customer service instead of taking it home with them to sell.

Needless to say I’ll be stoping at one after work tomorrow to grab one of the $9 4C spotlights (if it’s 3.99 ill be buying more). Online they also have a defiant 1000 lumens led light on sale for $27, I am up in the air on this one though.


that is a steal on those pipe wrenches!

I saw that $27 1000lm one.

It’s a pretty hefty beast, but id say wait for it to drop more. Plastic lens/reflector on it.

Id be in a lot under $20

I just read the review on the 1000 lumen light and I’ll definitely be waiting for it to drop.

@dchomak - Good pickup on the wrenches!

Got a couple of the Defiant 3D 650 Lumen flashlights tonight and opened one. Stock it pulls 2.30 amps on the factory Alkaleak batteries.
Pulled apart the head, removed pill and did a solder braid on the long driver spring, no other mods, now pulls 2.80 but the batteries are dropping quickly.
How much voltage can one of these handle safely?
I am thinking 2 26650’s and some dummy batteries with a PVC tube. Don’t know about the 8.4 volts though :slight_smile:
Probably need a buck driver. 4.2 Volts might be OK with just one battery, maybe a 32650.

Now, better question, what cheap battery tube will Lego with this head?
Hands down, at $8.98 with an XM-L2 emiitter, big reflector and an easy modder, this is going to go down as the deal of 2014 and we are only 22 days into the new year.
God I love this Country!


$8.98? They were $19 at my HD! And I couldn't even find any of the 4C spotlights! Lucky dog you!


They were $19 here 2 weeks ago and I was tempted but just wanted to hold out, now glad I did.
Take a picture in of the new price of the 3D and see if they will honor it.
They should match their own price, it’s not like they are an individual franchise setup, worst they can do is say No.

I had to pay $9 for the 4C spotlight, if they will do the 3.98 I am going to go big.
These will make great gifts. My brother in law is already chomping at the bit.


Those sales for most fo those defiant Lights have not reached Canada Home Depots yet. :frowning: only the XT-E headlamp went on sale for 9 bucks a pair, and i picked them up.

There are only 2 defiant flashlights on homedepot.ca, do they have more in store?