Emisar D18 introduction

Basic usage is the same — click for on/off, hold to change brightness. Three clicks for battery check.

Other stuff is different though. It has a bunch of UI improvements, like lockout on 4 clicks instead of 6. And the thermal calibration is more precise. There are several interesting extra modes, too.

Old D4 UI (RampingIOS V2):

New D18 UI (Anduril):

I should also have a review up pretty soon with more details about the D18.

Charlie, I just won’t use it in the forum… even if I remember it’s there I won’t use it. I may have been shown before and didn’t use it, forgot completely. Old dog and all that, new tricks do not come naturally. :wink:

Im curious……why??..… Believe me I know about old dogs but this will make your life on the porch much easier.
I sometime want to find something in a large(+3k) thread and all I can remember is one word and it will show all post containing that word. Or if I want to find a post made by someone just search by Author. I just find it hard to believe anyone would not find it useful.
I guess it is like trying to convince someone Usb-c is better when they have no ‘c’ devices…… if you know what I mean.

Maybe in part I’d have to remember there was something I wanted to look up before I could start searching for it. There’s 28,000 people on here, plenty going on all the time, no need to look backwards when so many forward things are happening. :stuck_out_tongue:

A lesser known feature is you can also search for keywords said by any particular member, including yourself, regardless of the thread.

Let’s say you wanted to find where Toykeeper mentioned the NarsilM bug or were you mentioned something, but can’t remember what thread it was in.

You click on the name, go to the tab labeled “My Posts” and there is a search pane under “Search Comments”. The key here is to search for a word you don’t use often.

… and it’s up. I still have a few details left to fill in, but most of the data is there:

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Do you think it is possible to order a more efficive bin from Hank ? Bin v2 is not the most effective.

So many times availability is a big issue, trying to buy a quantity of the most popular bin can be expensive… these guys don’t have unlimited finances and normally they are developing new stuff while supplying current stuff, lot of money to put on the table speculating it will sell. And then, there is simply no way to make everybody happy, which is where modding comes in. :wink:

For all of you interested in blended tint variants or TK’s amazing four tint D18 I have exciting news!

I’ve just created a thread because I talked to Hank and he’s confirmed that he’s willing to build custom tint-mixed versions of the D18 for anyone for an additional $15!!

CUSTOM Emisar D18 builds are AVAILABLE!

I don’t get it, what’s the advantage of having multiple colors?

Tint mixing

To clarify, when you mix emitters of multiple color temperatures, the result is not only a color temperature in between that of the different emitters, but also a tendency to be less green-tinted / more rosy tinted.

It’s not a priority for everyone, but a useful technique for those who put a high value on pleasant tint.

This is not the same as tint-ramping, such as the upcoming BLF LT1 lantern will utilize, but requires different hardware.

Would it be possible to get the Emisar D18 without any leds? I want to swap some Luxeon V2s (4000K) inside as I like the high output of the 5000K SST20 but 4000K is the better tint for me and the 4000K SST20 have too low output.

Will we also be able to request special order of the customized D18 with 4 mixed tints like the one ToyKeeper has? That is: 3x 3000K, 6x 4000K, 6x5000K, 3x6500K

The initial expectation was no, but somebody asked anyways, and Hank said yes. See here:

Just placed my order and PM’d Hank. I have no button top. Will these work? https://www.rtdvapor.com/lg-18650-hg2-3000mah-20a-button-top/

What is the most efficient?

V2 is the most efficient for XP-L HI 4000k 5D. V3 exist for 5000k 3A but is extremely hard to source. Fireflies sold the 5000k V3 version initially but ran out of it and was only able to source the 5000k V2 subsequently. Not sure if the ones they are selling now is V2 or V3. Think I heard something about them finding another batch of 5000k V3.

Did I just kill Hank’s website with my order? I can’t get his site on my computer or phone.