Emisar D18 introduction

I suppose it will use all 14 7135 chips at 0.350A each so that’s 4.9A.
Then 4.9 ÷ 18 is 0.27A each. I think the sst20 will do maybe 70 lumen at that output so that’s roughly 1260 lumen. We won’t know exactly until it’s measured, but that’s probably the right ballpark.

The cooler temp leds might be higher than this and the warmer temp leds might be lower.

Excellent. Even the highest regulated mode on the D4S puts out a substantial amount of light.

If the XPL-HI 3A fit and are available in the future I am in for 2 of these. :wink:

I’m not interested in the shorty tube, but I will buy one with the 18650 tube.

Stubby lights like this make great lanterns, and when using them that way, they can be on for several hours at a time. I’m hoping that Hank might consider making a lantern attachment or a diffuser cone attachment too, in order to make that style of usage more feasible when there is no ceiling to bounce off.

I haven’t been able to properly measure it, and I don’t have optics, but the highest regulated level should be somewhere in the range of 1500 to 2600 lumens. I did a quick test and got 1948 lm, but I don’t have great equipment for this.

Wow, that would be quite a bit higher than I figured. All good news. :+1:

Ultra keen, even moreso for XPL HI 5000k if that ever comes to fruition (extra $25-$30 doesn’t worry me)

That’s not a flashlight. That’s a Lumen Grenade.

Very impressed with this light. I’ll be buying one, as well as a 18350 tube for it.

Only if you hold it at exactly (0,0,0)

Yes. I thought of this as well while writing the post, but as you said, without a diffuser I figure that wasn’t the primary design intent or average use case (as marketed). The 18x emitters and their resultant efficiency lends well to long runtime applications for sure, but I feel like Hanks primary focus was making a more pocketable, yet more powerful successor to the M43. Only way of achieving the former by any meaningful margin (and in general to differentiate from competitors) was to go to a 3cell config and between the FET driver and 50% more LEDs he got the latter. Thus my assumption behind this question/statement was in a use case where you are holding/carrying the light the entire duration of a discharge cycle.

A lantern mod kit would be awesome. Maybe including a new tailcap with tripod mount and a bezel-replacing screw-on diffuser that reflects light outwards (shielding the center ~20 degree half angle)

I have a few soda-can lights. For most purposes I find them too large and too heavy, but I still find them useful for photography and lantern purposes. They’re good at providing fill light, when bounced off large surfaces. Also handy on a tripod. Or for lantern purposes, I’ll often put one on candle mode for several hours at a time. I keep a Q8 next to my bed and use the candle mode timer so I can see for a while but it turns itself off shortly after I go to sleep. Candle mode works well during a bath, too.

I feel the same about soda can lights. Single cell lights are most practical for me. The E07 is the most practical hotrod for me because of the pocketable size. With thay said I will still buy this since it is an Emisar. I might be able to fit this in my coat pocket.

If you like programming :), you should give a try to a WiFi bulb if you haven’t yet. Mine work with Alexa so I use voice command for color, brightness level, and on/off. I set for red each night on timer and have alarms set for the morning to come on at 1% brightness in red and stay on for a fixed time. It’s all programmable in the app. They turn themselves off if I leave the house and forget too. I adorbs them. The brand I use has a deep red hue for night vision, zero issues with connectivity, and works with multiple bulbs as a group.

3*21700 makes the light bigger and heavier

45grams*3pcs 18650 = 135grams
68grams*3pcs 21700 = 204grams
45grams*4pcs 18650 = 180grams

3*21700 add much more weight, much bigger, literally the size of 4*18650, but even more weight.

And 21700 does not bring more runtime, just much more amps that go just as fast due to lower resistance for turbo. Unless you don’t want to not use turbo and want to cruise a heavy light at 2000lm, which then simply you wouldn’t carry. Who carries 3*21700 heavy light for the sake of longer runtime at non-turbo levels of 2000lm? For that matter I’d rather carry a single cell light with a low resistance cell
Considering everyone got the lowest resistance cells for single 21700 flashlight, I wouldn’t go and buy some lwoer resiatnc cells just to have more runtime in at lower levels in a heavy light.

+1 for interest in the shorty 18350 tube

I don’t own any 18350s and personally hate the feel of even my GT mini with the tiny 18350 tube. But when I eventually buy this light if the 18350 tube is available, I would always buy the attachment. If you build it, the gadget lovers will come!

I, like many here like gadgets and I’ve personally never been able to resist gadgets that have other gadgets you can attach to your gadgets that make them even more special gadgets. :smiling_imp:

… extension tube or shorty tube or lantern kit… make it and I at least, will buy all the accessories!

I vote for an D18 18650 extension tube (6p configuration)! :stuck_out_tongue: :heart_eyes:

Lol yes I’m quoting myself! lol I’m not sure I’ve seen that before but oh well!

Just a visual representation for those who don’t quite get my statement:

non-gadget/accessory/attachment lovers gun:

my gadget/accessory/attachment lovers gun:

Literally longer and literally larger diameter.

  • 1 :+1:
    Already voted for the 18350 tube! :sunglasses: