Emisar D18 introduction

Definitely interested in this, as well as the 18350 tube

Ok, so make my D18 with a copper pill section, SS bezel and Titanium head and body. :smiley:

Is 26650 tube possible?

Just to save weight? There’s a lot of wasted space. I don’t think it would be popular.

3 parallel 18650’s will easily deliver more current to the 18 emitters than a single 26650, as well as have a LOT more capacity. So while it may technically be feasible to use an 26650 it wouldn’t be ideal.

If this one is made similar to the M43 you could always leave a cell or two out if absolute weight savings were critical. The light’s performance would, of course, be handicapped.

Do you know when this FL will go on sale and what will be exact price?
Thank you

Hank estimated it’ll be available to buy before the end of the month, for under 100 USD.

The D18 is pretty small, but it’s also clearly designed to take a lot of heat. It’s very solid. So don’t drop one on your foot. The flashlight will be fine, but I can’t really say the same about the foot.

Mostly, I’m just surprised how well it can tank ~50A (150-200W) of power. It doesn’t get hot quickly, and it seems like it can sustain at least a couple thousand lumens indefinitely without getting too hot.

Thank you for good news. :money_mouth_face:

Hank, maybe there’s room for a bit improvement on your website. Is there any way to include the tracking number when your customers log on into their account on Int’l Outdoor and open up their recent purchase order? I always feel bad about bugging you via e-mail just to ask for the tracking number once my order has been shipped. Maybe this could save you a lot of e-mail replies. :wink:

Hank, there are some important things mentioned separately in this thread. I’d like to bring them together because they are actually so closely related…

High-CRI SST-20 variant tends to polarize people. Some love it and some hate it.
The latter really complains about one thing: the tints tend to be green at low currents. Even very green.
I’ll assume for a while that D18 comes with a driver that regulates current at medium and/or low levels. Just like every Emisar so far.
If that medium/low current is split between 18 emitters - SST-20 is likely to become green. Very green.
That can be solved in multiple ways:

  1. change LED to a less green one
    • there is no real candidate
  2. strive to get least-green tints
    • is it going to work well?
  3. implement a dual channel driver - use only a single LED at low/medium modes (and PWM it from at least 2A)
    • likely a major change
    • hard to get smooth ramp?
  4. don’t regulate current, make a pure FET driver
    • efficiency suffers
  5. mix LEDs of different CCTs
    • tint mixing makes combined output rosier. The wider tint difference the larger the effect
    • since CRI95 SST-20 is available from warmish-neutral to warm - a mix is going to be warm and you won’t be able to offer neutral
    • CRI of a mixed beam is going to be a little lower

I think that the last option is the least problematic one. TK made more detailed proposal. I support it.
And I suggest combining it with #2.

Ready for pre-order, ship before the end of March.

Thanks Hank! Ordered.

With Anduril as well! :+1: :beer:

Thanks for your suggestion. The thing is, once the order is marked as shipped, it only means that the package leaves our office, and it will take 2~3 days for the shipper to handle the packages, then the shipper will advise us the real “tracking number” at this time. That means, we do not have the final tracking number when the order is marked as “shipped”, that is why we always need to tell the customers
the tracking number by emails. But yes, we will think of a way to solve this problem.

Nice :slight_smile:
What bins are those leds? FB4 and HB4 or something different?

Mix different CCT without voltage matching you suggest? I mean you make a thoughtful suggestion but then omit such an important aspect.
Current goes to the path of least resistance, even if it would not be direct drive, yet it is direct drive, so some LEDs will get more current than others, one has to match the voltage bins for that, which is not as simple as it sounds.
Then how is the beam at short distances, it will be visibly mixed, which for me is unpleasant to see various CCTs.
You are thinking of situations where such mixing is done under like 50-75% frosted domes where you don’t even have a concentrated beam and are heavily diffused with a lot of optical losses.

Ordered sst20 4000k
Can’t wait.

What’s become of the remaining m43’s?

In practice this is not true. Most TIRs (Carclo and Ledil) I have tried mix the colors so well even at 1 meter you could not see various CCT. These individual TIR used in this light may not blend as well but that is yet to be seen.