Emisar D18 introduction

Which one of those exact optics have you used?

Are the Samsung 30Q cells you are offering on this page button tops?

Agro, we have been told that this has two banks of 7135. 1 and X14.

Running from the X14 bank, the 18 LEDs should be being PWMed or continuous at about 270 mA each. Or 290 mA if both banks are used, which would be my guess.

Is that not sufficient to allay your concerns ?

Have started saving and will buy, as soon as the 18350 tube is available.

Meanwhile my MF01 (second edition, Nichia, pristine) is available, UK only offers accepted.

I am curious, Tom Tom, which emitter will be your choice in this?

I had the 4000K 95CRI in the cart just moments ago but realized there was no short tube listing yet… also waiting.

Carclo 10621 (Luxeon V2 4K and 5K)
Ledil ANNA-40 (LH351D 4K and 5K)
Ledil CUTE-4-M (Luxeon MZ 3000K 5700K)

I will try soon BLF Q8 with LH351D 3K and 5K

Even in a Sofirn C8F with a triple reflector, 3 different tints blend very close to the source. :wink:

Is that price correct for 3x 30Q’s? $35.80?

No, by far. Maukka’s test:

4A per emitter is great, 2A is fine, less gets worse.

seems a bit high ,shouldnt cost more then 5-6$ each even if button tops… ?

I have a solution! Run ~3A to each emitter and when you ramp up and down it turns on/off one emitter at a time from the inside out in a spiral pattern.

According to my theoretical calculations, every LED will get 2.6A in turbo. The whole will absorb about 160W. I have a question for Hank, is the weight given on the site with or without packaging, whether with or without batteries?

Driver design nightmare. :confounded:

Not to mention the wiring schematic…

(think in the voice of USS Enterprise Chief Engineer Scotty), “I’ve got her patched together Captain and I’m giving er all she’s got but I don’t know how much longer she’ll hold together!”

A good tint mix would look awesome under a UV though…

Ok so we have spiral ramping and down firing UV aux LEDs? awesome. I’ll buy it

Okay, that makes sense. Thanks for your quick reply. :THUMBS-UP:
I just ordered the D18 with SST-20 5.000K. I can’t wait to get it into my hands. :-)

On a side note: It seems most people on TLF order the khaki sand version.


1- is the $99 usd price a pre-order/early order price only?
2- if so, how long will you be running the $99 price for?
3- what will the regular price be once the $99 price changes?

:cry: I needs one but this is also new summer tires month…

@mattadores, if you do not have the money to buy the light, just don’t :slight_smile:

I don’t believe he’s ever done pre-order/early order prices so suspect $99 will be the price for a while.

If I was to order one it would be the khaki sand version. Not because I especially like the colour but more because black is too ubiquitous and having a different colour makes it feel more special and unique.

Sand as a change of pace.