Emisar D18 introduction


I see your very sound logic and I raise you a quote from lux-perpetua lol :person_facepalming:

Its funny because he said it was gonna be under $100. $99 LOL

lol… financial team advises him sell price must be $102… damnit… $99 it is then :person_facepalming:

I think some BLF members indicated early on that they’d be happy if it was going to be under $100, so that kind of gave Hank a hint how to price it. :slight_smile:

I have this message “Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later. ” while redirecting to PP page .In other shops everything is OK.

:+1: that’s what I thought ,I think for those members it wouldn’t be wise to play poker lol

No tube?

Question for all regarding driver efficiency between the M43 and the D18.

Low VF leds excess voltage will burn off as heat in the D18 when running on 7135’s.
M43 will be more efficient in terms of how it takes advantage of the low Vf LEDs due to the boost driver.

Do you think the extra 6 LED’s in the D18 will offset the efficiency loss compared to the Boost driver of the Meteor?

Of cause!
The flashlight is claimed as working only with button tops and the batteries are sold together with the flashlight. So they must be button tops.

I think you can use each flat tops where the top is higher than the heatshrink-tube. That schould be ok with all flat top, except with samsung batteries, from my experimence.

Gold D18 preordered with 4000K 95 CRI emitters.

I figure if I find it too green, I’ll just add a Lee minus-green filter.

It comes with a 3x18650 tube.

Hank seems open to producing a 3x18350 tube if there is enough interest here. But since he just asked us about this a week ago, I suspect 18350 tubes, if they are produced, won’t be available for some time.

Was about to preorder but didn’t see any XPL-HI option. Any idea when the XPL-HI options will be available? I don’t like the tint on the SST-20

was thinking the same.

If you can buy XP-L HI emitters in the $7 price range you’re talking about an additional $126 here, more than the actual price of the light itself!

Received a reply from Mountain Electronics and they will have the D18 but no ETA yet.

Really like the XP-LHI 3A and would gladly pay extra. Since it is not available would the SST-20 5000K look close or would the 4000K be better?

Tried reading reviews on the SST-20 but still can’t decide.

Edit $126.00 extra is too much for XP-L.

Price of admission on 18 emitter lights…

And NOW you know why $2 Samsung LH351D’s are SO attractive! :smiley:

5000K is the color temperature of XPL HI 3A. So SST-20 5000K would be closer to what you are looking for. 4000K will appear more yellow.

I just looked at his XPL HI pricing. Hank charges $9.64 extra for XPL HI's on the D4, $15 extra on the D4S. So those are 4 LED's, and for 18 LED's, if you use the same rate as the D4S then it would be $67.50 extra for the D18. This is of course if the XPL HI's work ok with that optic he's using, and he's willing to offer them. He doesn't have a whole lot of bare XPL HI's in stock right now, and at 18 a clip, he'd go through his inventory pretty quick, but I'd assume he would only offer them if he had or could get them quick.

I was think'n about ordering 20 XPL HI 5D's from him with a D18, but the cost of the LED's is $4/LED in qty 10+, so $80 for the LED's.

Thanks Hank just placed my order and I can’t wait!

To be fair it’s a $30 difference for a meteor so it wont be anything close to that at their cost