~~ENDED~~ [US Only] Free Thrunite Ti3 v2 on Thrunite.com (with $5.95 shipping fee)

That bites!
Thanks for the warning, thought about a couple for gifts but not now.

All six of my Thrunite Ti3 work fine w Eneloop…

Every AAA light I have ever used, of any brand, works fine on Eneloop.

Mine too. This is the Ti2 have another ordered will see how the NW one does.

Ti2 is the deal now. Got 5 of the Ti3 all fine. Maybe the other Ti2 will be fine. Anyone else have experience with this model?

Kewl, just grabbed a coupla the green ones, tnx!

Just got notice they never made Ti2 in NW so changed my order to CW.

Got my second ti2 and it works with nimh not just alkileak

Noticed alkileak was shorter than nimh and things felt tight. Cut a coil off spring and works with nimh now.

Got my fourth ti2 and they all benefited from cutting a coil off.

Two the thrunite Ti2 for 5.95 but shipping charge applies. Maybe can combine with other order, I don’t know their shipping charges.Is this worth considering?

If you don’t mind the cool white - then heck ya!


Shipping is $5.95 to me :frowning: But there’s more - if you order 2x the shipping is still $5.95, so the total is for (2 green , 2 black all cool white) four lights delivered is $17.85.

$4.4625 each. How’ s that

Or 8 for 3.71

2 for $11.90 @ $5.95

4 for $17.85 @ $4.45

6 for $23.80 @ $3.95 <<<---- Your best bang for the buck Nice little $4 gifting light

8 for $29.75 @ $3.75

10 for $35.70 @ $3.55

12 for $41.65 @ $3.45 each

Kind of glad I waited on this one ..

> thrunite Ti2

fwiw the Ti2 is
single mode, and has a
plastic pill

Im pretty sure that is the same light as the Olight i3e, nice and small, but imo the output is set too high, at about 90 lumens, so it eats batteries faster than necessary.

the pill comes out easily, but it is plastic and the PCB is held on by a deformed (melted) plastic nub…

someone did manage to mod one, I dont remember where that post is, but I was not inspired to try, given the plastic parts involved. I tend to have special plastic breaking skills… :wink:

still one of the smallest and lightest weight single mode keychain lights, if you dont care about CRI…

compare sizes:

Thrunite Ti3 is back on Sale!

it is moddable… here is a tutorial:

Thrunite Ti3, first impressions

nice small, lightweight 3 mode twisty with a sublumen low.

always starts on the lowest mode, no memory weighs just over 3/4oz
very handy for seeing keyholes, reading labels, navigating at indoor distances, and as a task light for arms length…

the NW is really ugly, and the CW is not much better:

but Im a snob, so…

I changed the LED to High CRI.

The pill unscrews easily:

remove centering ring:

unsolder the red and black wires

and remove LED Star

reflow a new LED:


They make nice beams w stock reflector:

then I heard about a pebbled TiR:

really fun floody beam upgrade:

very satisfying beam and CRI upgrade to a handly little light :slight_smile:

nice work!

thank you :beer:

trying to give something back in gratitude to all those who have helped me learn to swap LEDs

Mega Dittos. Excellent work there, Mr. Slider.

:+1: :beer: :student:

Damn I wanted grab some,but US only
Someone can send them here? :innocent:

Hey Jonathan, from where do you order the pebbled TIR lens?