ASTROLUX FT03 CREE XHP50.2 4300lm 735m NarsilM v1.3 USB-C 26650 21700 18650 Flashlight - $33.99

HaikeLite MT40 4*SST-40 8000lm 7Modes 4*18650 Flashlight - $46.99

JETBeam JET-KO02 XHP35 1800lm USB Charging 21700 EDC Flashlight - LOW

HTP Works Tritium Carclo 10507 Triple Optics for FW3A - 8 Colors

Sofirn SD05 XHP50.2 2550lm Underwater Diving Light 21700 Dive LED Flashlight - $19.99

30% OFF Brand deals added.

  1. Rofis MR70 XHP70.2 CW+XP-G2 NW 3500LM Dual Light Multifunction Rechargeable LED Flashlight +26650
  2. ROFIS R4 XHP50.2 2300 lumen 6 Modes Head Rotation L-shape Flashlight Magnetic Charging Rechargeable Flashlight Powerful 21700 LED Flashlight DIY Headlamp
  3. Rofis MR50 XHP50.2 2500Lumens 6Modes USB Rechargeable Charging Indicator LED Flashlight
  4. Rofis TC1 XP G3 3 Modes 120Lumens USB Rechargeable Touch Switch Control Mini EDC Flashlight
  5. ROFIS TR15 Xp-l Hi V3 700LM 14500 EDC LED Flashlight
  6. LUMINTOP GT MICRO 1000lm Flashlight 14500 Battery EDC LED Flashlight - Cool White
  7. Lumintop BLF GT mini XPL HI 1200LM Stepless Dimming Portable EDC 18650 LED Flashlight - Natural white
  8. LUMINTOP Tool25 XP-L HD 500lm / Nichia 219 CT High CRI 5Modes Tactical Flashlight Waterproof AA LED Torch
  9. Lumintop B01 850lm 210m USB Rechargeable Bike Light Headlight 21700 18650 Flashlight
  10. New Version Lumintop ODF30C XHP70.2 3500LM 6Modes USB Rechargeable Power Indicator Temperature Control LED Flashlight
  11. Haikelite MT09R 3x XHP70.2 25000LM MODE SET Super Long Range Momentary Searching 70 High Power Flashlight - White Blue 5000K
  12. Haikelite MT40 SST-40 7Modes 8000Lumens High Brightness 18650 Flashlight - Champagne 6500K
  13. ARCHON DM20 2 U2 18650 5200LM 4-Color Light Tint Diving LED Flashlight
  14. Archon YS-26 Flshlight Clip Bracket for Diving Flashlight
  15. Fitorch P25 4x XPG3 LEDs 3000LM 5 Modes IPX-8 Waterproof LED Flashlight 26350 Li-ion Battery
  16. Fitorch PR40 XP-L HI 1350lm USB Rechargeable 1000m Long Thrower Searching Flashlight
  17. Fitorch P35R 2 in 1 1200lm 890m Compact Rechargeable Hunting Flashlight + Outdoor Power Bank
  18. Fitorch MR35 XP-L2 1200Lumens 5 light colors Rechargeable Portable UV LED Flashlight
  19. Fitorch ER16 XP-L2 1000Lumens Magnetic Tail Rechargeable Mini LED Flashlight
  20. Fitorch P30RGT XP-L2 USB Rechargeable Portable Tactical LED Flashlight 18650
  21. Fitorch P20RGT 1180lm High Lumen 245m USB Rechargeable Powerful Tactical LED Flashlight

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Sofirn , FOLOMOV, Golisi, Liitokala, Meco, IMALENT.

XTAR ST2 4.1A Discharge 30min Quick Charging Type-C USB Li-ION Charger

Niwalker - Request

XANES XT03 OSRAM P9 900 Lumens Magnetic Tail AA 14500 Battery EDC LED Flashlight - Price $11.49 / Coupon: FXT03 / Proceed to store

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ASTROLUX MF01S 18*SST20 XP-G3 15000lm CRI95 4*18650 Flashlight with 4*SAMSUNG 30Q

Special Price: $95.90 ($125.95)

Coupon: Request through PM

Many members have requested for this bundle.


Lumintop TLF/BLF FW3T XP-L HI 2800lm / Nichia 219C 1600lm ANDÚRIL UI EDC LED Titanium Flashlight >>> $79.96

Lumintop TLF/BLF FW3A XP-L HI 2800lm ANDÚRIL Flashlight - Green, Purple, Blue, Raw Colors >> from $35.20

The ‘green’ FW3A has gradually became greener

I don’t think that it is actually the real color.
The picture with the purple, green and blue FW3A looks to be 3 times the same grey FW3A (see 1st picture) with colors “photoshopped”. All those versions have the same shadows and highlights on the knurlings and have same highlights on a black pocket clip while lumintop seems to have dropped it for an uncoated stainless steel clip.

The XP-L HI is not $35.20 with coupon.

XP-L HI is $5.95 more. [quote=raccoon city]

The XP-L HI is not $35.20 wtih coupon.


Exactly, the ad is misleading.

I tweak the color to match initiate LT marketing material. Color differs quite a bit for their green.

I disagreed. Title clearly stated that price starts "from $35.20"

Lumintop TLF/BLF FW3A XP-L HI 2800lm ANDÚRIL Flashlight - Green, Purple, Blue, Raw Colors >> from $35.20

This ad ONLY mentions XP-L HI flashlights, which do NOT start at $35.20, so it IS misleading.


Thank you for all the deals that you post on the forum.

You are a real asset to BLF.

But this one ad happens to be misleading, probably not even intentionally.

If the ad were for Nichia 219C/XP-L/SST20, then it would not be misleading, because some of those actually start at $35.20

NexTool XPH50.2 2000lm 6500K 380m USB-C Rechargeable Flashlight From XIAOMI Youpin >>> $36.99

Credit to NEXTool XIAOMI

Valid till: August 30, 2019

Our site: https://www.1thedeals.com/product/nextool-xph50-2-2000lm-6500k-380m-usb-c-rechargeable-flashlight-from-xiaomi-youpin/

Store: https://www.1thedeals.com/link/1/xiaomi-NEXTool-XHP50.2

It looks like Nextorch flaschlights with little different name: Saint Torch Serie | NEXTORCH Deutschland