Interested depending on price.
Is the the WIP that M4MDX showed yesterday?

This light looks tailor made for folks that complain about not being able to run on high until the batteries are dead.

I’m interested, depending on price and how that 0.1-10 lumen moonlight mode actually works.

Looks good. Interested dependant on price. I have no need for it but it looks like a powerhouse.

Also M4DMAX tested an unknown pre-release product.

Just because it looks very similar and its internal circuit showed “Manker” doesn’t mean it’s likely to be related…. or does it :smiley:

I believe they implied an approximate value between 0.1 to 10lm.

Interested depending on price. Whats your length???

~160mm. I will measure it when it arrives tomorrow. Else you could also find out from giorgoskok.

Because high mode is a measly 1200 lumens I’d say.

Why do all these XHP70 triples have such insane mode spacing?

Hmmm…. I’m betting it’s programmable like Manker MK34 or MK35 (engineering mode). I mean Utorch is pretty much Manker so…

So that they can say “my dad is bigger than your dad”….

It’s all a massive numbers game. Big numbers sell. This is 10k lumens, that is crazy. I still reckon it’ll be too hot to hold after 5mins if it stays on full pelt.

Couldn’t high mode be 2500 lumens or something sustainable for 10 mins or so?
1200 lumens from something capable of 9000 is more like a low to medium mode.

I have already gave them my feedback including UI. Hope it is not too late.

I couldn't agree more. It would be better if they have included at least one intermediate mode between 2500-3000lm value.

I hope they fix the UI, if they don’t I doubt they will sell many of them.

Interested depending on price and if they have better mode spacing like 3000 and 6000 between 1500 and 10,000.

Interested depending on price. Mode spacing be dammed, I only intend to use it on turbo! :smiley:

Nope, then you’ll get the folks whining about how this is a poorly engineered product because it can’t even stay on high for more than 10 minutes or so. So we get modes called turbo, turbo 1, turbo 2, etc. High can run for 2.5 hours, doesn’t that look great on paper? Ha! I don’t want the highest mode to be able to stay on indefinitely. I want it to push to the point just before damage to the flashlight occurs, and if that causes 3rd degree burns or starts a fusion reaction, that’s okay with me.

I’m going to have to look into that engineering mode. 10 lumen moonlight is ridiculous, but I could see times where I’d swap a true moonlight for a specific low.

/\ Sure but how long will it last on turbo without dropping down in power dramatically.
The body is small. There doesn’t appear to be much mass in there for getting rid of the heat from the emitters.
The nearest thing I’ve got to that is the TN36 and that gets too hot to hand hold after ~15mins

Interested depending on price.

Interested depending on price.

Interested depending on price and dimensions and available tint.