Great review. Thanks Freeme. Nice styling on this Rocher.

Did you happen to measure the reflector depth or driver diameter, depth of driver cavity? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here we go.

Nice review and very interesting flashlight. Thanks


Glad you enjoyed it. Discount coming up!!!

Nice review! Almost bought it yesterday. :bigsmile:
Glad I waited for the discount. Thanks!

Man, this forum costs me so much money :wink:

Thanks Johnnydoe! $18.99 is pretty go deal in my opinion. This is less than 1/3 of Niteye TF25 price.

This is so true. Guess all of us has to work extra hard from now on. Haha...

thanks for sharing

Thank you Realista. Hope you find it useful.

Received mine.
First impression, it’s nice. Nice addition to my collection as the first light with a control ring.


I could not agree more. Magnetic control ring is pretty cool. No more flipping back and forth to access tail switch.

Nice! Rocher AS31 is my next target.

Very good review!

i see many point to improove mine :wink:

thanks for sharing :beer:

Is it a dive light, it has 2 o-rings doesn’t it?

Nice review, definitely an interesting design with the magnetic sense components on the board…very interesting


First time seeing those hall sensors too.

Dx4 26650 is definitely a better choice for diving.

Great review sir!!! And if you allow me, what a stupidly amazing deal. Thanks for sharing!!!

Nice looking website you have!


Thanks for following up. I treat it as a compliment.

It`s definitely a good looking website, clear and straightforward.

Did you build it yourself?