Reserved ....

I’ll take one.

Interested in the extention tube version :slight_smile:

Ext tube version!

Price will include 1x extension tube.

I guess most of us here will be building an Mtg2 then!

In for 1+ depending on the price

Great deal on this. I would be more interested with the OP though.

Put me up for one.


But would be nice if two pipes for 18650 could be included.

No worries, you can decide after the price is published.

I requested for OP too, as I hope to use the host for XHP builds. Unfortunately there is not stock for OP reflector at the moment. Need a minimum run of 300pcs in order to get it custom made. I highly doubt we are able to hit that target. Perhaps existing owners can lead us to purchase a replacement else where for the reflector?

You mean 18650 sleeves? Unfortunately, I do not have a sample to measure right now. Yezl grade sleeve is best that I know so far.

Yeah sleeve is the word, not pipe. Two of those would be nice to have.

Does this light have a Screw-In-Pill (Material?)?

If the heat from a MT-G2 can be dispatched (Not <1mm material under the star), +I’m in for one (Ext.-Tube)

I have the L5 on my list for too long. I have to bite :wink:

This driver fit well in this host?(Total height is 15mm)

Looks like a nice MT-G2 host. Do You have a picture of the pill?

I'm in.

Will it possible to buy thE OP reflector separately ?

You never know what you will get until someone has one in their hands to compare. I bought several similar lights when the entire light was on sale for $13.60. The driver with resistor mod outputs 4A (on 2 cells. I didnt measure current with 1 cell), comes with large heavy brass screw-in pill and runs on both 1 or 2 cells. Quality is like Convoy. The host lacks the surface area to heat sink MT-G2 (it becomes very hot within a few minutes with XM-L @4A). All in all, a great light for the price, but only for XM-L or less.

The other larger Convoy clone does far better for MT-G2 or XHP builds with its much larger surface area but still becomes heat soaked within about 5 minutes of use when driving these emitters at high current. These were a real steal at $17.42

Maybe tmart would be willing to bring back these prices with a large group buy. It never hurts to ask. :bigsmile:

The second link looks like a Convoy L2 clone

Right you are.