Reserved .............

Reserved too :smiley:

I’m looking forward to finished review and I really like how that did the transition for mode switching. Your gif does a great job of showing how it looks.

Received one hour ago, the R26 from your special groupbuy.
Nice, really, the transition effect during mode switching is lovely.

Charge speed better than other rechargeables tested by me.
I prefer Low to High Mode than High to low modes, but is a very good purchase.


Hi Freeme;

One thing: in my R26, when flaslight is on, if you make 2 fast clickies in any mode you go directly to hightest mode. Have R28 same option? This is good, because I not love many clickies for go to turbo, :wink:

Nice review so far.
How is the mcpcp mounted? Is it only screwed from the downside against the pill? Or does it sit on a solid pill and slides in?
I only have seen similiar from the dqg mini and that was not performing so well…

Yes, if you make 2 fast clickies in any mode you go directly to hightest mode. This applies to the MS-R26 as you said and also to the MS-R28 and the MS-R25.

Yes is does! @Aardvark has already mentioned it.

Couple of outdoor pics added in OP. All my camera gears have flown to Japan :) No more shoots for the next 14 days.

Great review!

I received my MS-R28 five days ago. I like it very much, but my unit has a problem: if I use the separately purchased clip the light doesn’t turn on. The same problem reported in some units of BLF A6. I solved the problem using a tin wire ring inside the tailcap to allow the electrical contact with the short thread. It works fine Now.

In the future I will consider the reflow of a neutral white led.

That is strange. I find Niteye's measurements are very precise and all joints match up really well for both of my lights. This is no M****r grade.

Do get your clip pass under the o-ring(see pix), and push it to the extreme bottom when you secure the tail cap. Edge of the tailcap will touch the clip when tighten but it should wear off clip's surface instantly.

I think it is properly positioned. May be the problem is in the machining of the tailcap.

Do you have the same problem when the clip is off? Maybe clip thickness is out?

When the clip is off the light works fine.

Thanks freeme, the latest Niteyes look interesting,
I was wondering if there is any sign of pwm on any level?
The throw figure of 25760cd quoted by niteye seems low with a 1000 lumen xpl hi and a 41mm head, i suspect it might be closer to 50000 cd , any comments?

Well, its either a mistake or its just the reflector isnt as it should be. M22 with a XML2 emitter and 32mm head running at 900 lumens gives 21 000 mcds
25k mcds and 320 m throw…come one :slight_smile: Didnt they learned already? Is max 100m give or take.
Yet its a nice looking flashlight and it could be a good choice if it wasnt listed for 70$ but 35

Received mine today, this is my mini-review.

-Feels well built and remains lightweight
-Super tight beam, excellent throw for the size
-Remains cool at turbo mode
-Mode changes are not sudden, they go into a transition
-When disconnecting from the micro USB charger, the light does not turn on and blind you even if the switch is in ON position. Needs to be manually restarted
-Very responsive forward clicky
-Spotless AR glass and reflector
-No signs of PWM at any level

-Does not feel like a 950 lumen light, probably because of the narrow beam. See readings below
-Side switch can be hard to find sometimes and can be confused with the charging port cover.
-Can’t take flat tops unless you remove the plastic ring on the driver, which is used as reverse polarity protection. I immediately pried mine off, see pic below.
-Clip works well, but I think it should be included with the light. I had to make a separate order just for the clip.

Size comparison with a C8, which is the closest light in terms of size and output.

Driver looks like this when you take the plastic ring off, and allows flat tops to be used.

Readings; Convoy C8 is stock with a 2.8A driver. Both light tested with a fresh 30Q.

Ceiling bounce:
C8: 198 cd
Niteye: 167 cd

1M distance:
C8: 24,500 cd
Niteye: 33,000 cd

Amp draw:
C8: 2.93A
Niteye: 3.05A

Overall I’m happy with this light. For the price there is little to complain about, and I think this is the perfect compact thrower for those who are looking for a high quality ready-to-go light that requires no modding. I bought this one for a friend and I’m sure it will be perfect for him, just tested it outdoors and the narrow beam does impress! Also I paid much less than the MSRP with freeme’s GB. Was thinking about getting one for myself but I’m unsure about that, it’s hard to handle a stock flashlight after playing with the hot rods…

I’ve got a question: Nitecore P12GT has a half inch smaller head yet it throws several meters further, how is that possible? Is Nitecore inflating their specs or Niteye under reporting?

EDIT: just looked at Nitecore site, looks like the dropped the specs to 320 meter throw from 367 meters.

Are you the m8 whom purchased some “nice” discount Armytek lights?
I mean, that expensive Canadian brand that delivers “the best flashlight in the World… mainly on paper”?

…Deceptive advertising and expensive.

Mitko, for that price, this NITEYE is a good deal :beer:

BTW… How is your handmade re-polished Armytek’s reflector doing? Any sign of oxidation :Sp …

Like we Mongolians :face_with_monocle: use to say: “its never to late to shame yourself”

None of these pocketable lights will give you 300m throw, the numbers on the spec is merely a rating obtained in specific conditions, in real life outdoors use you’d be lucky to reach 100m. My Olight M3XS UT rated 1KM throw could barely spot something at 350m, but not that you would need to see much further than that at night though, at that distance the hotspot is so dim, the beam hitting the fog in front of you is brighter.