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kiriba-ru/nichia/18350 tube only

For gods sake…wish it had the Bistro firmware :frowning:

Anyway put me down for 1 with an 18650 tube

I would love to have one, but that greatly depends on price, anyways put me on the list for one Nichia based + 18650 tube.

My interest greatly depends on price and quality (the problems encountered with the original version must be resolved). In this case I will be interested in one Nichia based + 18650 tube. I have no need for 18350 tube anyway.

Interested in this light if the price is right.

Arufonsi / nichia / 18650 tube

S41S will come in short tube only. You will require to get 18650 tube separately.

S41S price will be about $38. We are also considering for premium gift box option.

Nice put me on the list with tube for 18650 cells (dealbreaker I want some runtime with this and not have it die on me while showing it off :smiley: )

And what will be the price for the 18650 tube?
The premium gift box - will it have place for the 18650 tube?


Great to see that the SS version is out!

I realize that I am asking a lot, but would it be possible to exchange the tint from the nichia version with a warmer tint, e.g. the one that is used by the A01?

A warmer tint for the Nichia version (like A01) would be desirable.

I’m in for one with Nichia 219B and 18650 extension :smiley:

Take it as SW40 first.

Another point to consider is that emissivity of shiny copper and stainless steel is about 0.05 and 0.08 respectively, so this light will not be able to radiate the excess heat efficiently. Does it have any thermal protection?

Oh and a plain cardboard box will do just fine ! Rather have a good price and QC then a fancy box :wink:

Okay :slight_smile: If there will be a warm version then I am in for a 18650 tube as well.

I’m definitely in, great price for a such good looking flashlight :slight_smile:

I have one question tho, will the copper part be sprayed with some kind of lacquer to prevent patina or it is bare copper?