Has anyone been able to confirm if this matches it’s advertised specs yet?

They just started shipping, I don’t think anyone has it in hands yet.

They went from questionable specs, then raised spec to even more questionable.

No, no one has gotten a sample light, yet.

We already know it won’t match the specs, though. The xhp35 just won’t do 3,000 lumen. Not for any length of time at least.

Also the distance was measured on the Mateminco version of this light. It has a lower lumen output, but based on its measurements, this Astrolux version will not do 1587 meters.

Does this mean the MF02 is a bad light? No, it just has some exaggerated specs. It’s still a great value on a thrower light.

My order for the CW one still come up as back order ( paid Nov 14 )

have not been following, but really! i am disappointed already. astrolux putting out fake specs!

the disappointment builds…. is this what the brand is becoming…
guess i can cancel, it is a nice looking flashlight light but with fake specs :frowning:

sorry for the rant

All we can do is point it out, like I've been doing or trying to do - you are right fake specs are fake specs, period. We can't prove it yet with this one because the final production version hasn't been received by anyone that can measure it, but 3,000 lumens is pretty much unheard of from a XHP35 HI. Don't think even the top bin of an XHP35 HD in a fully modded max amp light has gotten that:


Astrolux, of course, is not a top name brand as well, so we have to doubt their credibility with quoting performance measurements. There's been some accurate #'s though from other Astrolux lights as of late, so it makes this one even more disappointing, plus it's so obvious since the LED is known to be not capable of what they spec.

You do realize you’re only talking about a psychological effect, right? It is still a great light. The lower powered version (2,000 lumen) from Mateminco pretty much matched the performance of the Acebeam K70, but at half it’s price. The Astrolux version is going to have a bit more output, maybe 2,500 lumen, so it’s performance will be even higher. What is there not to like? There is no other light that even comes close to this performance at this price.

Here is the Mateminco review.

Besides the specs, this can still be a great alternative to other more expensive throwers. It’s a great looking like, the size is reasonable and the accessories it comes with is a nice touch for the price…

Due to other expenses I’ve passed on it, but only for that reason.

I an not too sure about the pouch supplied, i had other factory pouches from much larger brands and for much smaller lights break after a couple of month use.

So this “mammoth” light, they better have stitched up that pouch real good, cuz to me its always the stitching that go bust.

I am more inclined to think i will have to cut up pouch when it break and use it for a stencil for a little DIY leatherwork

Even if the throw is ‘only’ 1400 metres it’s still really good value at just over £60.

Just wish they’d hurry up!! :wink:

Have you tested?

“It” is the notice of delayed shipping from Banggood.

Confirm, I got a delay, not a flashlight. :frowning:


I have received numerous inquiries on MF02 lately. I will reply to your mails when I have more accurate restock time for this popular product.

Dalay or kharumgzfh in the klingon language are not what you would want to hear :smiley:

Me i am good, not least as there are no room in any post office in Denmark due to super much online shopping by the other Danes, if i can have it by new years evening i will be good.

Funny how a first world country like mine keep running into 3 world problems :person_facepalming:

Please send code for one, request is for NW version, but may consider CW depending on availability/price of NW

Whoever got it first here please post candela numbers so that others have chance to decide to keep it or apply refund if it is really bad.

I was kidding. :sunglasses:

I think you missed my code for nw.