Hey ZozzV6

which driver will u use for L2?

i just ordered L2 and i want to boost the throw.

I don’t really decided yet. I have one L2 now and ordered a second today. The one I have now will ged an SST40 led and a TA fet driver to make 9A and 2300 lumens.
The just ordered one will get a dedomed SST40 or dedomed XP-G2 with TA driver or an XHP35HI with H2-C kaidomain driver. I don’t know.
but I don’t want to off this topic with other flashlights.

I got my MF02 in the other day. So far everything is look'n and work'n well. My "Tom E" measurements:

lumens on fresh charged set of 30Q BT's @4.21V:

  • 2,690 at start, 2,560 at 30 secs
  • 488 kcd taken at 5m (1397 meters)

This is considerably higher than maukka's 2,100 lumens and 410 kcd, but scales quite well with those #'s, meaning the ratio of lumens and kcd match up pretty good, almost as if mine is simply pushing more amps than his.

I got basically the same numbers, even slightly higher, from using a set of partially drained VTC6's that measured about at 3.8V. This is a great sign the boost driver is doing it's thing quite well. Will attempt to measure amps drawn from the carrier.

Did you both have the same color temp emitter? I guess the CW version was the only ones to ship, right?

Maukka: 2100lm/420kcd (I’m angry)
Tom E: 2560lm/488kcd (Comforting)
Good trend.
I’ll have it: 3000lm/630kcd :laughing:

Only available tint is CW. Mine looks CW and maukka's of course is measured as CW. He's got that insane equipment I guess to measure tint temp, etc.

My PVC light box isn't the greatest theoretical tool but I've had pretty good consistent results with it. The kcd #'s confirms the lumens. For example, lumens and kcd should scale the same, so if you take:

2100/X = 410/488

solve for X: X is 2,500


Measured amps with a clamp meter between the carrier and head and got 5.7A. This was with heavy wires, and near max 30Q BT's. The carrier measured 8.3V, but not under load.

I'm think'n with a roughly 20% loss on the circuit and boost driver, that it's getting around 2.5A at the LED with a high bin CW XHP35 HI. At 2.5A, the LED takes about 14.8V according to TA's tests on the XHP35 HI. so that's 37 watts. For 5.7A at 8.3V, it's 47.3 watts, for there's bound to be voltage drops even getting to the driver.

I’m interested, is there still a discount?

same for my measurements

I measured here 15910cd @5.4m cold start
so this equals 464kcd at 1m

at 30s I measure 15100cd at 5.4m
this equals 440kdc at 1m 30s

compared to your lumens measurements this results in a bit over 2500 lumens

the 30s mark did not drop much, so the thermal performance of the MCPCB is very good

Basically throw and lumens numbers are quite below what was advertised

Modded the light with a XHP HI E2-3C in NW

beat the 500k mark with this one very pleased

538kcd now

I am waiting to leave a new version to buy.

Where did you get the E2 3C? Quickly checked around and can't find them. Maybe Mouser?

I ordered 50 of them from Cutter sold all bit 2 for myself

Seems Cutter or Mountain Electronics has no more E2s right now

Last night getting home from x-mas at my sisters house, i saw some one messing around on the school football field / playground with a measly flashlight.

And as i had my astrolux in hand i decided to lend a little help from 100 M away :smiley: the 2 people absolutely freaked when the full power of the astrolux hit them :partying_face:

So after lighting them up for a few seconds i turned the flashlight skywards, and that gave me another Oooooo from them :sunglasses:


Still i have a paperweight with no resolution. After making me jump through several hoops, Banggood is now “checking with the manufacturer to see how they want to proceed”. That was four days ago. I am getting very impatient over the care I am being shown.

The curse of shopping abroad, you just have to pray you are not unlucky.
Funny thing are Chinese companies that have opened up warehouses in the rest of the world do pretty good, even if its in the EU where i think the norm are 2 years warranty.

But the hoop jumping are a pain indeed :weary:

My NW has been shiped.

My MF02 NW too.

I hope they have fixed the problem of bad contact …

Where do I find something about the problems they had?

Same here, just got the e-mail Nw shipped.

Now to wait 2 more weeks for it to arrive.

Meanwhile I have the cool white one to play with. Seriously considering a xhp70.2 swap just to see how it does.

Any ideas where to find a 12v 28mm xhp70 mcpcb?

Ditto, got Email NW version shipped !