Interested in white NW, please send code, and thanks!

Interested in black NW, thank you.

Is this thread now transitioning into the 12,000 lumen model?

I just realized I never asked for a code. Can you send me a code for a CW version? Thanks

Interested in new 12000 lumens version. NW White

Please send the coupon

Code for NW, is there a model # change or suffix to denote the new updates?

Sorry for the late reply. I have forwarded you our group buy information.

NW is available in "White" at the moment. I was told they have sent the remaining lights back to HaikeLite after members have some issues with 1st batch.

Both colors and tints are instock now.

can we order the new driver for those who have the old light/driver?

Can I get the code for NW in white, thanks.

This would seem unlikely.

You can always buy a new one from Lexel, though, and get the full NarsilM UI, plus other custom touches programmed in.

I afraid you might have to request from HaikeLite direct.

Interested in the xph70.2 NW version, white body 12000LM version…

Could you send me the code please?


Nice to see you again! GB info sent!

Interested in Black CW and NW


Freeme can you send me the code please!

Interested in the xph70.2 version, black body 12000LM

Interested in the xph70.2 version, both body collors 12000LM

Bungle88 CW