I just preordered the MT09R XHP 70.2 in the other group buy. How do these two lights compare?

This has more flood, less throw.

White with NW.

Please send code.



Interested in a 70.2 NW (Black) - Can you please send me the code? Thank you!

Did they bother fixing the turning off when bumped at the bottom? On MT01 this was a serious flaw, wouldnt like to end up with light that leaves me in the dark when dropped or so…

Interested in a 70.2 NW (Black) – Can you please send me the code? Thank you!

May I have the code. I’m interested in the black 70.2 .
Thank you

Could I have the code sent please for a NW white model. Thx in advance!

May I have the code?
Thank you,

Interested in silver NW

These are completely sold out at Banggood. Don’t think they will get anymore of these as Haikelite found a distributor in the US. https://hesaidshesaidsales.com/shop?olsPage=products will be stocking them from now on.

So no more codes?

But there are many non-US members here on this forum, and Banggood ships internationally to other countries too. If BG stops shipping to US customers because of their newly appointed US dealer/distributor, then fair enough.

I guess Haikelite might have found distributors serving different regions? At least that’s the understanding I got from the MT09R groupbuy.

Hello FreeMe,
May I get a code for MT03 II Devourer? Maybe there will also be upcoming codes for MT09r?
Many thanks

Interested in the xph70.2 NW version, white body 12000LM version

There will be no coupon codes for the MT09R series... It is a totally new light and the amount of work and research gone into it now to make it the best light to date from Haikelite.

The current price includes the new TA drivers and the current US stock will have drivers hand assembled by TA.

Coupon shared. Do take the opportunity before the price goes up.

Hi FreeMe, May I get a code for MT03 for myself ? Many thanks.