Interested in the xph70.2 version, black body 12000LM.

Dear Freeme,

I would be happy to receive your code, too - I tend to the nw in silver.

Thank you in advance

As we say in Germany: I believe it when I see it.

Actually the MT03 II is completely availabe in all tints and colours - like all the others too. They even have the new SC02 II. Ok, there is no MT09R - but actually HK has enough problems with that flashlight, so they would commit suicide if they would sell it on the market…

MT03II is instock, no MT09R though.

Hi freeme, I’m interested in the code for the white MT03 II.

hi, please pm me a code on a silver mt-03ii nw. thanks

@freeme, I am interested in a coupon for the MT03 II.

Thank you a lot.

New 21,000lm XHP70.2 P2 MT03 is coming.

Is there a coupon yet? :partying_face:

Next month.

Interested in the new MT03.

Interested! Please send me info, thanks freeme! :sunglasses:

Interested NW :smiling_face:

Interested in the code please Freeme


Count me in for the new P2 MT03!



I am interested.

interested in a NW please

Interested in NW

Interested in the new 21,000 lumen MT03

Interested in 70.2 CW