ENERGIZER Ultimate Lithium "NO LEAK" Guarantee - mine leaked! What's your take?

From the pages of Energizer:

Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ Batteries are GUARANTEED NOT TO LEAK. Due to advanced technology, Ultimate lithium™ batteries will not leak under normal consumer usage. If you believe that you have a leaking Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ battery, contact 1-800-383-7323 for return instructions.

Link: Battery Leakage | Energizer

This morning I noticed my air-con’s remote control was fading, almost blank, but comes back when tapped.

Well, I opened the back cover and see for yourself:

Corrosion started at the (+) end, then slowly leaked towards the (-) end, corroding the negative springs

and is that “03-2033” still the date of expiry? // Negative springs blackened with corrosion

Both batteries were still at a healthy 1.783v !!

I had a pair leak inside a faucet hose water timer. Thought it was a fluke- never had these cells leak before, but I had another pair leak from the same package in my electronic door lock. I give up on all non-rechargeable AA and AAA batteries. Buying only Eneloops now. That is still the only battery that has never leaked for me.

I have plenty of Eneloops and used them before in this remote, but they don’t last long as their starting voltage is quite low for a remote designed to be powered by 1.5v nominal (1.80v brand-new)

Eneloops cannot show the LCD display for long, compared to the primary Lithiums, which last a very long time…just not expecting a leak.

I reluctantly swallowed the cost of primary Energizer Lithiums for longevity and avoiding the dreaded ‘alkaleaks’…only to have this. :person_facepalming:

Don’t know if this will help or not.

Thanks, but I already posted that link in the op.

I have sent them emails with photos…my remote doesn’t work anymore, the air-con’s main unit only has the manual, mechanical ON-OFF switch, no modes, etc.

Oops sorry, didn’t see you posted the link. Looks like they will only replace the batteries, not the damaged unit. Kind of shady with their “guaranteed not to leak campaign”

Hopefully you can get a replacement remote. I have a 5 yr old LG TV, where the smart functions can only be used with the “LG magic remote”. Cost me $50 for a new remote. Guess what brand TV I won’t buy again?

Energizer has replied to my emails with photos and asked for some details, etc.

Let’s see how they will honor their ‘No Leak’ guarantee on their Ultimate Lithium Energizers.

Hope you had a positive experience with Energizer tatasal!

See my response to this over in clemence’ thread.

A LINK would have been nice. So I put it in for you, I hope you don’t mind.

All my AAA lights are on Energizer for a reason. That reason is they are not Alkaleaks.

Thanks Henk4U2, I had been searching for that with no luck. . :+1:

I’ve also had the Energizer Lithium primaries completely discharge in just a few weeks from installing them in torch.

No parasitic drain was responsible for this. Had it happen twice on two different torches.

Needless to say, my confidence in Energizer lithium primaries is not very good. To be fair, it happened to only two batteries out of the 12 that I had.

Also discussed in CPF, of which I also posted there: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?454399-L91-failure-rate-fragility

Sorry about that and thank you Henk!

Watching this closely. Thanks for posting, and I hope Energizer comes through.

I wonder where their batteries are made ….

As an experiment I tried posting a link to this thread on Energizer’s Facebook page.

Their managers “will review” the post — it will be interesting to see if they allow it to appear.

Possibly they got a bad batch from a subcontractor. Time will tell.

To anyone reporting similar instances, can you please include either the build date or expiration date of the cells you had troubles with.

I use L91’s in a very expensive piece of equipment ($900+) and would like to avoid having to test out that guarantee myself…

Build date is a 4 digit code stamped in the case near the negative end (not printed like the labeling / expiration date) but easy to read when viewed at an angle.

Isn’t that “03-2033” the date of expiry?

Yes. I was asking about the other couple guys mentioning they also suffered failures.

Just trying to make sure I’m not using cells from possibly known-bad batches.

Mine was made in Singapore, bought in the USA by my brother in blister packs of 4.

I’ve seen a lot of situations where the + end of a cell and the spring touching it became corroded. Often enough corrosion goes right into the case along the + wire to the circuit board.
I’ve noticed that happening on all sorts of things — flashlights less often than little radios and electronic thermometers/humidity meters/clocks/calendars, for example.
I’ve wondered if this isn’t because some current was flowing even with the device switched off.

It’s one of the reasons I’ve consistently used Energizer lithium primaries on anything I valued.