Enlan F710, F723, F710B + M025,M011

I asked jackyhu if he could get the new Enlan F710 and the F723 in titanium colored handles and he said he could get them for ~$10 with free shipping. Anybody interested?

There is also a F710B, but I like the titanium colored handles better.




I do like that F723! I am searching for a good small EDC knife that will disappear in my pocket without being noticeable, so I’ll add this to my list of options.

Who is jackyhu ?
Exduct’s owner ?


I'm in for a titanium F723. This would be my first knife.

Please be aware that the knife only has a titanium colored painting/coating, it's not real titanium on the handles. Just a heads up.

To our musicians….

What song is noted on the F710? Or is it just random notes?

I would go for two F723

As far as I can tell it’s just random. I played it and it doesn’t sound like any riff that I recognize.


I would take 1 or2 of the F23s.

What’s the deal with the music? To me it makes the knife look cheap. Knife itself is pretty sweet and I would like one but not like that.


Couldn't agree more. Without the 'Riff' this would be a nice knife.

Those musical notes 100% ruin the knife - who would even think of such a stupid thing for a knife. Its really too bad :frowning:

Enlan F710 and F723 are available now. Also the new Special Products (added on 31,Aug,2012) are online. Don't forget the Coupon when you order. Only 6 participants with 5 prizes is hardly a raffle.


Thank you to have asked for those ones to Jacky Hu.

No problem, I think he is open to suggestions, but he wants to carry knives that sell well, because he puts them in stock in larger quantities to get better prices. If he takes a model in his shop that takes ages to sell the acquired quantity, there is too much money bound. That's probably why he doesn't carry all Enlan/Sanrenmu in his shop that exists. Maybe we should do a poll which missing models would be the most popular among the BLF members.

That’s what I though when I saw that some models were not listed.

I would vote for Enlan M011:

And I would also appreciate that he re-stock some navy knives despite of their prices a bit high compared to SRM/Enlan/Ganzo’s quality.

I think Exduct’s selection is great, and I appreciate JackyHu’s excellent service, participation, and commitment to keeping prices low. I especially like how he has contact with the manufacturers and has taken customer feedback to them - that’s amazing!

The popular knives that sell well do so for good reason. I have yet to be underwhelmed by any of the super recommended knives (SRM 710, 763, Enlan EL-01, etc)

I wish Sanrenmu would bring back discontinued models. From what I understand, that decision was influenced by local politics in that province, whereas Enlan is is a different area and unaffected. Seeing how Enlan is making SRM clones, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue for them to start up production of the [F]900 series. They have the capability, just hope they don’t pull cheesy designs and strange pivots if they ever resurrect discontinued SRM knives.

I’d like to see the Enlan M025.