FastTech Convoy brand flashlights

If you dont like the driver, just replace it with the type you like. :slight_smile:
I believe I will like the ability to change groups though… Not a fan of blinkies, but its nice to make them appear if you want them.

But you pay for it. If I don’t like it, I’d buy only host instead.

I wonder if XM-L2s will arrive in these lights in the future….
Considering that they seem to have typical “fasttech” components. There could be a high probability that XM-L2 would arrive in these…
I know leds could be be switched out easy. But if they get XM-L2s within a month I would probably regret pulling the trigger.
But its so tempting to just buy one or two of these lights now :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone who have ordered both M1 and M2?

If you buy the M2 with everything it is still cheaper than the host at CNC. That is not the case for all the other lights though.
I do see your point since we all would like to buy the perfect light with the perfect parts right away without paying for “spare parts” that we would not use…

wow, these convoys look more intesting now. im gonna order at least two of these convoys to test out.
most likely the convoy c8 and the m2.

so i was about to place an order for the m1, m2, and c8 ….but i want to know what the 2100 mah and 2800 mah means?
and is the u2 better than the t6?

2100 and 2800 mA is the maximum output (100%) towards the emitter and medium (50%) and low modes (5%) are in relation to that.

2800 mA means: 2800 mA on high, 1400mA on medium and 140 mA on low

2100 mA means: 2100 mA on high, 1050 mA on medium and 105 mA on low

With this graph from the guy who likes matches, you can roughly estimate the output in Lumen based on a T6 emitter (the U2 curve would be slightly above that - 300 instead of 280 Lumen at 700 mA).

U2-1B is brighter, but T6-3C is a nicer, warmer light color imho.

thanks, i actually prefer the cooler tints so if you say u2 is brighter, than im going with the u2’s.
and if 2800 means the mA on high, why would anyone choose 2100…better cooling and runtimes?

Exactly and because medium and low also shifts with the max mode. 1B is considered cool, 3C cooler side of neutral.

For flashlight with a smaller head I like lower max modes. Especially when high is activated for a long time.

C8,L1,L2 are 2800 mA suited

M1,M2 are 1400-2100 mA suited

S2,S3 are 1050-1400 mA suited

This is my personal taste and others might completly disagree.

I was about to write something similar, but I have to disagree with you on the M2 the cooling fins on the head are different and so is the tail. Also the dimensions are different, the body tube seems to be thicker compared to the head on the M2, judging from that it is either a 26650-light or the head on the M2 is also smaller what makes it a overall smaller light, but we can’t be sure about these two options because of the fact that the 36mm in the fast-tech description could be the head or the tube’s diameter (the D5 has 46mm head diameter).

Apart from that I really like the M2 and I hope it is a 18650 host, considering the before mentioned, it would be somewhere beetween a P60 host and a C8 size-wise, with a great look for a great price… ohh I’m so tempted… :8)

Now please please fast-tech or convoy do a few hosts in that style with side-clickies!
(though there seem to be problems with the availability of drivers for electronic switches…)

The D5 has a 32.5 mm head and the M2 a 31.5 so both are in the Solarforce L2 realm (P60) of 32mm. Or did you confuse M1 and M2?

I’ve got to say, from what I’ve seen of the OEM hosts, if that’s what fasttech/convoy is using, and fitting nanjg drivers, all power to them, they seem to be good hosts and good drivers, what’s not to like?

That's why I ordered the M2. It like the aesthetics a lot, because there is no big visual difference in body&head diameter. Taking widely available hosts probably helps keeping the costs down.

I took that 46mm from the description at CNQ where it says: 215MM*46MM*25MM and it seems to be wrong…
I didn’t look at the pictures to be honest… It’s right they should both be P60-ish lights, although I still think the M2’s tube looks pretty beefy, what is not necessarily a bad thing.
I am really looking forward to you telling us how you find it, after receiving it!

I wonder wheter this one from intl-outdoor is the same host as the Convoy M1 the only difference is the SS-bezel wich I really like, I wish the Convoy would come with it, or even better: a “foyed” one!

At first look, they seem the be the same. But the tailcap have different design (knurling on intl-outdoor flashlight) The intl-outdoor does not seem to have a place on the middle body where there could be a “brand name”. Convoy light does not have a screw in bezel.
Size wise, the lengt and head-size are different. BUT, they do look very much the same. Maybe the hosts are manufactured by the same people?

Maybe the OEM factories have some base models and can do slight variations on them, to please customer demand?

It is easy to believe so when looking at the lights…
Of course, just speculation… But these Convoy lights do seem to have many similarities with some other hosts.

Either way. The Convoy lights from fasttech seem to offer the most bang for your buck.

Convoy M1 @ Aliexpress 39,80$

Convoy M2 @ CNquality goods, 31,50$+

As we know… Great prices @ fasttech

i decided to order just two lights, the c8 and the m1. i was gonna order the m2 also, but the beam looks identical to the m1, but the m1 looked slightly brighter and a bigger flood/spill pattern.

I've purchased an S3 w/U2-1B and an M2 w/U2-1B and they are being shipped. I will review them once they arrive. Fasttech is also sending me an M1 w/T6-3C for review along with my order.

While I was placing my order I also had to add the Nitecore EC1 I've been drooling over since I suggested they carry it. $38 is the cheapest price around on what could be the best and smallest non-twisty 16340 light you can get. Very excited for it! Full review to come on that one also. :bigsmile:

Good joice JohnnyMac, Specially the EC1. I have got one of these too, just when they came out. Not for the same price though.