FastTech new arrival!!! (Updated on 3/1)

Hi antiparanoico,

This product is an authentic one.


Hi EricE.,

We have marked the item in our sourcing list. Please keep following our site for the updates :slight_smile:


Hi X3,

Yes. We understand that there are only special shipping method for shipping knives and we are now working on finding carrier that can ship the knives with cheap price.

Thank you for your opinions and keep checking for the good news :slight_smile:


Hi keengeorge,

Thank you for your inquiry and we are now working on finding another supplier to see if we can restock it again.


Hi twinclouds,

Thank you for your order and your review.

I am sorry that some of the item’s quality are not as expected. We will improve our quality control and report this to our supplier for improvement.

Meanwhile, We have warranty for all our products and you are not satisfied with the quality or it is in defective, please contact us for replacement :

Once again, thank you for you order and find us when you need help :slight_smile:


Hi Noel.

Please have a look at this thread. It will help you to distinguish between authentic CREE emitters, & the counterfeit LatticeBrite emitters.

The picture in the product description appears to be a counterfeit LatticeBrite emitter, regardless of what the supplier has said.

The 18650 Counterfeiting supplies are back:

Not good items for a reputable store to sell. The unbranded ones are great, but the pre-printed UltraFire wrappers should be removed…

Eh, I’m not too worried about UltraFire wrappers, that’s a sure sign not to buy that battery. I do agree that it reflects badly on Fasttech when they sell the Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, etc wrappers though. Fasttech, if you sell the fake wrappers, how can we trust that your batteries aren’t fake as well?

Having said that, I have yet to actually recieve a fake battery from FT, I just think they would do well for themselves to stop selling those wrappers.

Can you stock this in Royal Blue, or all three color choices? That would be fantastic!

SupFire Y11:

Thanks Noel:
Thanks for the offer. Your CS gave me $3 refund so I will buy a 2.8A 105c driver to replace the original. (I will be happy to review anything if you send me a FandyFire p60 dropin in case you need, though :laughing:
I will keep you posted if I found any quality problems of the product I bought.
Overall, I am pretty happy with the purchases from you though. The prorated shipping tracking is quite reasonable and reliable.

Hi unknown00101,

We are now sourcing this item and will notice you once it is restocked.


Hi twinclouds

Thank you for your support :slight_smile:

Hi pilotdog68,

We understand your opinions on this item and please be assured that all the batteries which marked as “Authentic” are 100% genuine. The reason why we sell this type of item is because some of the users would like to “decorate” their own batteries (unbranded or even some famous brands).


I see, just like the Authentic FandyFire LP-7D LED Flashlight Gift Set 7*Cree XM-L T6 / 3-mode / 6000LM / 6500K / 4*18650 / US is 'decorated' with fake Latticebright leds.

Please Noel, stop talking nonsense!!

This is the only thing I’ve ever ordered from fasttech and it came with missing/damaged parts that were needed for functionality. I will never order anything else from them. If Gearbest doesn’t get on the ball with my order I won’t order from them anymore either.

Convoy S4 DIY EDC LED Flashlight Hostline total $15.29
Convoy S4 DIY EDC LED Flashlight Host
Convoy S4 Host, Black / SKU: 1311101
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It looks bad when you sell counterfeit cree leds in a product that claims the content are genuine, i guess authentic on the fandyfire light means that it is a authentic fandifire light, but we are telling you your supplier are not honest about them being cree led in that light.

And selling ultrafire wrappers is also something that looks bad and helps bad people to sell dangerous discarded cells to user who don’t know any better. Please do us all a favor and stop. No honest buyer would ever buy ultrafire wrapper if he didn’t want to trick uninformed buyers to buy them. Don’t be a part of the problem with dangerous ultrafire cells.

Noel, can you make us a custom BLF 18650 wrapper so that we could decorate our batteries?

great idea, and can we, as the ultimate compensation for the crap that is usually on the wrappers, have a series of wrappers printed with HKJ's discharge/capacity graphs to use on the appropriate batteries? :bigsmile:

I’d buy it:


Great idea!!!