FastTech SolarStorm SC01/02/03 lights

Regarding the recent addition of several SolarStorm lights as discussed on Buwuve's FastTech thread:

Like mentioned elsewhere, I ordered the SolarStorm SC01 on Friday, March 27. When ordering, I paid the extra .30 for the upgrade to USPS tracked shipping. I received shipping notification and a working tracking number within 24 hours! The most recent tracking update was yesterday, 4/2/14, as having passed through the ISC in San Francisco! Less than a week to get to the US, not bad! This may be the fastest overseas shipment I've received yet! I'm looking forward to getting this light in to see how it performs from AA primaries as this might be a good option for non Li-Ion users as an EDC...

I'm really tempted to order the 16340 SC03 but I really don't need another 16340-sized light...

Feel free to use this thread to discuss these lights, and your orders...

I saw them yesterday on FT and ordered an SC01 and SC02. I really wanted the SC03 to complete the set but didn’t want to press my luck with the missus, and may buy it at a later date. $29.61 total for those two lights with the BLF discount—not a bad deal!

Today I just got my Roche F6 from FT. Another great deal and it arrived about two weeks from date of order.

I don’t get nearly as fast service from Fasttech.
March 27- order placed.
March 31- received email with tracking number.
April 3- Tracking number finally works but shows “Information Received (This is not an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article)”
So, 7 days after placing the order, they still haven’t actually handed the package to Singapore Post.

The status of the one I received today still shows as being in Los Angeles.

i ordered the 18650 one today actually… i debated the cr123 size one, but i already have 2 lights that size

+1 on TexasToasted, I’m in the same situation. They recently become really slow with most orders.

I ordered SC01 but now I’m tempted with SC02 - still small with more light, longer runtime and brobably better throw. I hope low mode isn’t too bright - Palight’s (X4=SC01) reviews aren’t very optimistic about it.

I ordered a couple of SC03s on Thu, March 27th. Delivered today, Thu, April 3rd.

Good for you, mine (ordered March 27th, shipped 24h later) disappeared from tracking. It’s no longer “Information Received (This is not an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article)”. Fasttech retracted shipping info?

I ordered 2 SC01 and 2 SC03 on Thu, March 27th, tracking information now is “Despatched to overseas”

On Wed, Apr 2, i ordered 2 SC02, and now i see “Packaging” in Fasttech.

I plan to do a review of the 3 when arrive, but i will publish in spanish in Forolinternas

Lucky you!
Singapore Post has not even received the package within a week.

Ordered the SC01 on 27th
shipped 24 hrs later

02-04-2014 Information Received (This is not an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article)

04-04-2014 Received and dispatched

And received it today! Leaving on vacation for the week so I can't do a full write-up review with pics but initial impressions are:

Small! Looks fantastic, nice SMO reflector, needs an OP though. On alkaline AA, not great, but useable. On 14500, much brighter, somewhere close to my modded F20, but throwier due to the SMO reflector. Clip is reversible for either head-up or head-down carry. Thread are square-cut, and both threads and o-rings are lubed. E-switch has a nice and definite click to switch modes. Moonlight is far too high. Light has PWM on all brightness modes but turbo. Click switch once to low/memory, twice for turbo. On low,press and hold for ramping. Once set, first click returns to set memory. Kind of pointless since this light would only be used on low and high.

I dont know what is your F20…

Can you say how many lumens do you think whit 14500?

nice looking lights, interested in the SC03. Hoping for a review here, thanks.

Too bad about moonlight mode. Thanks for breaking this out for discussion in a separate thread.

Ordered the SC01 and SC03 on March 27th, shipped the 29th, last update still in China on April 1st.

I have another FT order with cells that shipped March 25th via Malaysia and status updated today is still in Malaysia... ugh

since the li-ion crackdown batteries always seem to take longer for me

I figured the cells will take long, so made sure the other items had no urgency in the same order. Have to check out those new LG 2500's - I strongly suspect they are the cell used in the Efest 2500's, and FT of course has them at a very good price.

It never supposed to have true “moonlight” mode, just chinese “low”. It confirms that SC01 is basically Palight X4 reviewed here:

got my SC03 today… all I can say it… OH WOW such an output for a such a small light, as soon as I turned the light ON, I decided to place an order with Fasttech for 4 more… I know all my non flasholics friends would like to own one of this light.
anybody has the SC02 yet? I’m contemplating about getting it :~

@Daylighter: Does yours have noticeable PWM?

I ordered one of each and I’m looking forward to having them. Someone said they may have low frequency PWM—hopefully that’s not the case. If I like the SC02 it will probably be my gift light for this year. Every year I give flashlights away an use them as stocking stuffers, and these look like maybe good contenders.