Fat liitokalas?

Hi, my liitokalas arrives yesterday with some peculiar characteristc they are very fat :expressionless:

I try to insert in S70 but the “head” of one is very difficult to pass in tube, I thougt thats S70 issue but in TR-J12 the same thing happens :person_facepalming:

Thats fake ones?

The capacity is 4,85~4,95A in lii-500, very decreased compared with some results :confounded:

I had the same problem with my Liitokalas and S70.
After a few insertions it eventually eased but you have to insert them with the right orientation

Where did you guys get your batteries?
I got mine at GearBest back in June, July & early August, 12 batteries total. All 12 of them test out over 5100 mAh in discharge test on the LiitoKala Lii 500 charger. Diameter is 27.05 mm.

GB as well, in August.
Will take diameter measure tonight

Oh gosh when suppliers were out of stock we knew the original good cells were sold. I fear the first step towards poorer cells is made with the decrease in mAh
Hope I’m wrong.

Yeah mine don’t fit in the JAX Z1 either, annoying.

I have 10 Liitokala 26650”s bought in 3 separate purchases, 6 from GearBest & 4 from Aliexpress.
All 10 fit my S70 fine but would not fit my Jaxman Z1 XHP50 as there appeared to be a very slight internal lip at the beginning of the tail end of the battery tube.
I sanded the lip down slightly so that they would fit the Jaxman.
All 10 of my cells test out at over 5,000 mah on my Lii-500.

Yeah i had to use some 40 grit and sand them down for about 30 mins and re wrap them, annoying but what can you do.

I didn”t sand down the cells, I sanded down the lip in the Jaxman battery tube.

You sanded down your batteries

Popped two in my lii 500 yesterday. 4786 and 4830. Even worse than yours.

:person_facepalming: :cry: That is dissapointing….
How long have you had yours & where did you get them?

Gearbest. Just got them yesterday. Supposed to be from China warehouse but my order shipped from Czech. Ive had some sketchy things happen with orders that went thru Czech. Mostly ending up with stuff i didnt order.

Thanks for the info Liber8… sorry for your poor luck.

Yeah my luck always sucks. I dont have a proper way to measure mine but using a measuring tape thing they appear to be about 27mm. Of course just being a mm or so thicker could cause problems and i cant measure that accurately. I guess i will see this weekend if they fit the light i ordered. If not im out 20 bucks i guess and get to wait a month for other cells.

Mustard bruv :smiley:

Nah i know what you mean but i didnt want to sand the inside of the Jax tube.

Hopefully the 5200mah cells i just bought fit ok :+1:

Hi, I wakeup back :smiley:

I take the measures now and comproved again, it’s 27mm :confounded:

I bought 4 here: https://pt.aliexpress.com/item/2PCS-LiitoKala-26650-50A-5000mah-26650-Li-ion-3-7v-Rechargeable-Battery-for-Flashlight-20A/32590938156.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.byIp7I

Two of them fits very well, when that going ou of tube thats create a vacuum….

So, here some shots of fatty ones:



Sorry for poor quality, my benches are filled of tools and parts (work is everywhere :weary: ) its very dificult to hold and shot….

So, this is “okay”? :frowning:

Those are like all of mine Franz, right at 27 mm. I see no problem at all with those. :slight_smile:

I just measured all my LiitoKala 26650’s, they all (12 of them) measure right at 27mm. Maybe a very, slight tiny bit over or under… but extremely slight either way.
For all practical purposes…27mm is it for mine.

All of mine fit easily into my S70.

And like ‘bella-headlight’ said above, the reason they will not fit in the Jaxman extension tube is because there is a very slight internal lip on the very tailcap end of the extension tube.

If you don’t believe that, screw the tube off and insert the battery from the other end; it will fit just fine.

That is what I do with my 2 cell Jaxman when I use the LiitoKala 26650’s in it…. because I have not taken the time to remove the “lip” as of yet.

To me”… this is not a big deal. It might be to some………. :slight_smile:

But ‘Franz’, from your pictures your LiitoKala 26650’s appear very normal… not “Fat”. :slight_smile:

Im going to try and cycle my cells to see if that helps with the capacity, maybe mine were just old and sitting around for a while? Also, I initially ran them thru my lii 500 at 1000 charge and 500 discharge I believe. Given the capacity of these cells that seemed ok. It would take forever to discharge/charge at the lower rate.