Fenix RC40 Full Desktop Review by Patriot36

Fenix RC40 Full Desktop Review by Patriot36

I guess I know what I'll be watching tonight instead of netflix.

thanks for the video review. nicely done as usual. cant wait for the 3rd edition on the review. please have beamshots going against the tk70 & 75 please.

Shame it doesn’t have XM-L2 :frowning:

Or a battery pack that uses top of the line batteries as opposed to just decent ones.

IMO, no XML2, proprietary battery pack and probably a glued head & bezel make this yet another big fenix fail.

Just say “no” to buying glued flashlights.

The battery pack I can certainly at least understand the logic on, and it's possible they will release higher capacity ones in the future.

This light does not seem to be geared toward the flashlight community in that regard. I'd rather be able to use the dozens of batteries I already own... but for a new user, that never used lithium batteries, or one that just doesn't want the hassle... it makes sense. As an alternative, I wish they would offer a battery carrier as well...

The part that I find is absolutely inexcusable, is using the xmlu2 emitters.

This could be a blessing in disguise though... lights with older emitters tend to drop in price pretty fast, and if fenix releases a u3 version after running through the u2 stock, and xml2 a few months later... being budget minded (this is BLF after all) we could hope for pretty good prices on a slightly older model.

At $200 I would buy this in a heartbeat...

My girlfriend would find a 10 minute flashlight review video (sorry, did not watch the 45 minute version) without the light even turned on hilarious. (not me of course, I believe that is just being thorough ;-) )

But is sure is an impressive light!

I watched the whole thing! Wow! I hate the body style less now, too.

No!!! Throw about the same with TK70. I must buy RC40. I like the design and its big size though :slight_smile:
But the battery indicator kind of copying Olight SR series. But charging indicator is different though.

I’m with Flash on this. While I won’t go so far as to say it’s a total fail, I do agree with all the other points. I’m sure it’s going to do well in its market with Fenix’s own version of the Surefire fan boy club. They will see no need to mod it and don’t know enough to care about its weak battery pack and won’t flinch to throw cash at it. It’s just not for me unless Fenix sent me one to try and change my mind but I would still only see what it could have been and view it as a fail.

I am not so into modding, maybe I am not retired yet. No time and effort for that. Anything above 6 or above 18650 batteries, I prefer proprietary battery pack. As that is simpler for me. And XML2 is not really very attractive to me. It is for those company who can’t innovate enough and just use it for advertisement, for example TN31. And I am not falling into their advertisement. Just see how many are really very satisfied with XML2. I remember someone actually sold his TN30 XML2 and keep his TN30 U2.

I am sure whoever miss Fenix high end flashlights is missing great design in flashlight. I am missing TK75 because I already bought TK70 and TN30.

want 1, want 1, want 1 :D

A very nice and informative review… nice light…

A RC40 will live at my house before I’m finished buying flashlights.

Beamshots by Patriot36:


Really impressed with RC40 beating TK75 by a lot to me knowing TK75 is one of the best flash light in the market.

Just watched both of the videos, and I am rather impressed with the TM26 :p

With the RC40... if Fenix could correct two issues, they will have another buyer for the light... newer LEDs, and higher capacity battery pack.

Patriot also mentioned that the buttons were too easy to press... probably not a major issue but worth taking note of. I hate it when things turn on accidentally and would rather have a light that's a bit of a pain to turn on, versus one that can be turned on by any jostle.