Fenix TK41 Is A Winner

The Fenix TK41 is everything that 2guys(won't mention any names...Chidwack and rikr) I know on here told me it was and more. I could kick myself in the butt for waiting so long now to buy this light. How stupid was I? It's kind of like the story when your looking for a great woman and you overlook one that was there all along and you just didn't know it. Ok maybe I'm getting carried away now. LOL! But how can a guy not like this light? Enjoy the pictures.

And I'm gonna show you a close up of how well centered the LED is on this one.

My wife bought me one for our 10 year anniversary 2 weeks ago and all I could say was "Where have you been all my life!"

She was not impressed..............

I love my TK41..........

The TK41 is a awesome light , enjoy!

WOW, that light is amazing...glad you are happy with it.

I'm happy you like it and a little relieved to tell you the truth. When I recommend something so strongly it worries me that you wouldn't like it even though I know it's a great light. It can be even harder when I recommend a light to someone who already has so many great lights. It's kinda like King Solomon. One wonders if he got as excited about wife number 699 as he did about wife number 1.

Troop sent me his TK41 to review last summer . . . after I wrote the review, didn't want to send it back. One of the best name brand flashlights on the market.


Yeah, you had me worried for a couple of days there Foy

On a more serious note, ILike, you are the thrower king these days. I'm a TK41 lover, but I don't have all those other toilet plungers that you do. How do you think it compares?

BTW, one of the things I like about the TK41 besides its beam, is its size. It just feels like a traditional flashlight should feel. Not to big, not to small, this one is juuuuust right. Maybe they should have named it the Goldilocks light.

I'm with you again Trooplewis. I like the forward buttons on the TK41. Lets face it. Most of the time we carry our lights underhanded and tail clickys take two hands in that hold.

Unlike some of my other lights, the longer I own the TK41 the more I like and appreciate it. It's about as good as it gets for an all around light.

Who has the best price on it at the moment?

Flashlight porn at it's best.

In throw and brightness, how does the MG-X Thrower (SST-50) stack up against this?

I'm guessing since I don't own a sst-50 X-thrower...no comparison TK41 will out throw it.

how do the switches feel? clicking properly? and tint?

Glad you're happy with the torch, ILF. Does it tailstand? And is there any kind of anti-roll effectiveness?

@ flashination: This is the cheapest I've seen so far but I'm still looking..


Price is pretty much set at $129.99 anywhere you go, but ShopWiseGuys has a coupon code that will bring it down to $116 and change. Use code: FENIX10

Here is Pro-tactical Shop and if you tell him your from BLF he will do a little better I'm sure. $122.99


I rank this light up with the best of them Like troop said it's just right in size. And what I really like the most about this light is the rectangle cut knurling if you can call it that. It just feels great in the hand. And the finish is as good as any light out there. I love it. Ranks right up there with Sunwayman in quality.

I think I paid $94.40 shipped from www.shopwiseguys.com

Enter fenix10 in the promo code box and save 10%. They are the cheapest I have seen. And they have some even better deals on Sunwayman and some Olight lights that are discounted and with free shipping.

Shane shot me prices of $98.90 shipped for the TK41.

Scratch that at shopwiseguys. That sale has went off. I would say Shane would be the cheapest now.

glad to hear you like the light ILF. it may not be on top of the xml thrower list but its the well spaced levels, AA format, side switch, and very good throw won me over. enjoy.:)

ILIKE, have you compared the TK41 an the T40CS? Whicih has better throw IYO?