Fenix TK75 2015

I know, I know this is budget light forum not super high end expensive forum. But please read on..

So I am perusing the bay when I come across, this. Not the kit mind you, just the flashlight. So he's asking 140 shipped which seems like an already low price, then I notice he has the best offer button available to make him an offer. So for a joke, knowing that he would not accept my offer, I put $100 in the best offer box and pressed submit. You see, I thought that immediately it would be declined as a too low offer, it didn't, it actually accepted the $100 dollar offer to be sent to the seller for review. So I think to myself, I don't really need to be spending anymore money on flashlights being that I just bought Rich's last S4-2B grey Meteor, Crelant 7G10 and a couple previously owned flashlights from the nice fellows here.. but, for $100 I figure would take a chance knowing that there would be no possibility of him actually taking the offer. So I'm sitting here reading up on my new Meteor that's coming and then my little email flag comes out from the side to announce; AGREED...my paltry $100 lowball offer of the year was accepted....HUH? and to go and complete the transaction. I panic for a moment then remember that I had just made a deposit into my checking account that would cover the amount and I gleefully go and pay the 100 and I'm like, WTH? What is he actually going to send me? A plastic replica? A Fenix clone? Is the profit margin so high on these Fenix lights? Anyway, it will be here Friday....via OOPS. I hate UPS and asked him to send it USPS instead, he didn't, oh well. I've never gotten anything from UPS that wasn't crushed, kicked, mangled and didn't have holes in it. The seller had 3 of them, I got the first one, who got the other two?

Nice, congrats! Hope you get your deal! :beer:

Was there a “money back guarantee” from ebay on this item ?

Great deal! The sellers also has other lights for good price, although fenix products doesn’t get my attention as of late… You’d amazed at the profit margin on these flashlights, the mrsp is often 200-300% of the cost.

No, seller does not offer returns... Should I be worried now?? I'm going to video the opening of the box when it comes.

I think PP has some kind of protection though....

Good idea, have someone record you but make sure to record the closed box from all sides before you open it.

Yea, I think they finally realized that if they want to sell their, "super high priced, super high end, absolute best flashlights", they are going to have to lower their prices because of so many, "super low priced, does the same thing flashlights". lol!

Getting worried, earlier this evening I sent an email to the seller asking him if it was going to come shipped in its original box, just now his reply to me was simple and to the point,

"Your order has been shipped. You will received in Friday. Its authenti and brandnew in box with warranty card. Thanks for your purchase."

I'm now worried that he actually did leave the "c" out of authentic...........................

Naturally I emailed him right back to help me understand what "authenti" is. Does it mean authentic like? or like authentic? Would not surprise me in the least, these people are coming up with new ways to scam us every second.

paypal has always been good to me on fleabay. Hope the light is legit, it’s getting harder and harder to find actual good deals on there. No one uses the actual auction format anymore and if they do, they start it out so high. Understandable since i’ve lost money selling fleabay auctions, but still….

Oh yes, every time, anything over 50 bucks.


  • The eBay seller has been a member since December 16, 2015. Not a very long track record.
  • No photographs of the actual product, just stock photo. Maybe he is drop-shipping the item, maybe he doesn’t have the item to photograph.


  • The item location is listed as Marietta, Georgia. The seller is ryaclaterbaug0. You may find it reassuring that there is a Ryan Claterbaugh living in Marietta “[link]”:http://www.411.com/name/Ryan-Claterbaugh.
  • eBay’s Buyer Assurance Policy will cover non-deliveries. (I’ve been a victim of two eBay scammers. eBay quickly refunded me on both occasions.)

Well, he seems to be delivering product. Probably customer returns, B grade merchandise or dumpster refurbished?

Tell me about your experiences with scams.

Oh, and he gave me an instant positive feedback. Not only do I think that is proper procedure, that usually means IME, that I will get good fast product.

Relax … you have paid via Paypal, if anything is wonky you’ll get a refund.

It is probably just a typo in his message.

You got a Great deal..hard to swallow ain't it? Sounds legit to me.

He emailed me back and clarified his typo. I will be getting an authentic with a "c" Fenix TK75 2015 on Friday. How OOPS treats it along the way is now the only real and present danger at the moment. When I answer the door to sign for it, my Mobius ActionCam will be rolling, showing all sides on the box while he is standing there. Funny thing, I'm real good friends with our local UPS guy.

Will someone please explain to me how this guy is selling these Fenix flashlights for so cheap? I bought another one...

Maybe he’s selling them near cost? I don’t know. But in all his listing can be made an offer, not very common.

Thanks for posting jhalb. I just grabbed one. He countered my initial offer for $100 with $120. I countered with an offer of $101 and mentioned that “a friend” just bought one for $100, and he accepted. We have the power of numbers in this thread. :wink: If this doesnt work out, it will be just another of many paypay disputes… and I have won ever PP dispute I have ever submitted. :smiley:

I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a Nitecore TM16GT in the GB. Its hard to believe a company like Nitecore took such a nose dive in creating a high end light with so many blatant design flaws. The TK75 is proven high quality, and with the extension tubes (sold separately) makes it a serious contender for future emitter upgrades… such as the Cree XHP line of emitters.

Awesome! I'm glad someone else jumped in. And I'm glad you were able to negotiate the "correct" price.

My Crelant 7G10 will be going the way of our wonderful XPH70's. I may de-dome it first to see what happens. Another member posted desirable results by doing so. Really turns it into a thrower apparently which I've been having a hard time accomplishing with the MT-G2's in anything, you definitely need a huge deep reflector, that much I do know about them. Otherwise they get spill happy...

Anything else in there I should go grab? Don't know a lot about Fenix stuff other than it being well made and pricy.

Shame to hear that about Nitecore, can't say it surprises me though.

The only thing that troubles me I guess you could say, is that the 4X - xm-l2 has a little less throw and not as deep reflectors as the older 3X-xm-l2 version. Really surprised me actually. Jumping from 2600 lumens to the new 4K lumens I thought would better it, but it doesn't in some areas.

Funny you mentioned the G10. I have a new one as well, and am preparing for an XHP35 HI upgrade. Lots of great mods available for this incredible bargain host. Mod thread: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/28798