Finding: small EDC that is only around 6cm?

Hi, I have narrowed down around these models, but unsure of which one to buy.

Any recommendations? Or anyone have experience with the following flashlights?

EDIT: I now have 2 of the below-mentioned already! Ultrafire UF-T1 and BLF Mini :smiley: But feel free to recommend more. The addiction never dies :bigsmile:

This list will be constantly updated in order of flashlight length:

  1. Foursevens Quark Mini CR2, 50.8mm, CR2
  2. Preon P0, 55.8mm, AAA
  3. Nitecore SENS Mini, 57mm, CR2
  4. DQG III SS, 57.5mm, AAA
  5. Foursevens Quark Mini, 58.4mm, CR123
  6. Ultrafire UF-T1, 59mm, AAA
  7. Fenix E15, 59.6mm, CR123A
  8. Thrunite T20, 63mm, CR123A (16340 not recommended)
  9. Olight i1, 63.5mm, CR123A, 16340
  10. Trustfire Mini-01 (or BLF Mini), 65mm, 16340/CR123A
  11. Nitecore EC1, 65mm, CR123A

Slightly longer

  1. Olight i3s, 70mm, AAA
  2. Tank007 E09, 70mm, AAA
  3. Thrunite Ti/Ti2, 72mm, AAA
  4. DQG AA, 72mm, AA
  5. L3 Illumination L10, 79mm, AA

I got first hand experience with ITP A4 EOS, the 2xCR123 version of the A1 EOS, now named Olight I1.
I also know 2 people who own this newer Olight model and they’re pleased in every way.

I prefer single CR123 lights over single AA/AAA lights because of the runtime and brightness, besides the very compact size (especially as a twisty).

It’s 63mm, if this would be fine for you.

If the 3mm really bothers you, I would go for the Trustfire Mini, if you can hunt down a version without blinky modes (like the BLF edition).

Hello, I have used the Olight I3S (a good flashlight,review i3S ), Also I have the DQG III in the keychain, lighter and 2 modes is very useful, but unless throws than I3S.
The Olight i2 and the new Thrunite “saber A1”,may also be good choices.
I have the nitecore sens AA and the sens cr, are great EDC (sens mini perhaps be a problem because batteries cr2 are hard to find).

Here are my AAA lights:

Maglite Solitare
Sunwayman R01A, tan
7- Olight I3 EOS, blue (x2), gold, purple (x2), red (x2)

See a pattern? The Olight I series, is fantastic, imho. I have all three versions because I much prefer cr123a or AA over the AAA. If you are considering the I3 EOS as your finalist, I think you should revisit the AAA choice. The AA I2 is scarcely bigger and nearly the same price, then you would get longer runtimes without any real cost in terms of size and weight. Personally, if you use cr123a batteries in other stuff, I’d go with that version. Best of the three , I’d say.

Have fun shopping.

The sens mini will run happily on 15266 li-ion batteries if you can find them. I’d recommend you be very careful charging them, though. Treat them like 10440’s if your charger requires those to be charged in pairs on the same channel.

If you’re willing to stick to primaries, photo & camera shops will usually carry them (but not cheaply)

Yes, the brightness in a tiny torchlight is what I’m looking at.

Is this the BLF edition Trustfire Mini ?

Yes, try to contact the user ‘WWEFANS’

If he got no copies left try to open a ‘WTB - want to buy’ thread in the marketplace here on BLF.

Thank you.

I try to find rechargeable batteries, the cr2 batteries were sold out in, (In the past I bought there some cr2 for $ 3.20).

Thrunite Ti2 seems to be getting good reviews, but it’s 7.2cm.

I would recommend to buy some different lights and compare for yourself.
If you only want one small very bright light than go with the mini 01 it’s awesome, I have it on my keys.
I have also some AAA lights which are nice but none of them can reach the mini01.

Love my Fenix E15. Very compact body. Solid and bright. Twisty isn’t as convenient—but perfect for avoiding accidental activation in a pocket.
It is my secondary/ backup light, and rides a lanyard in my pocket with a Leatherman e4.

Is there any AAA light that isn’t a twisty but a clicky?

The Nitecore EC1 is a phenomenal light and is only 65mm long. A fantastic interface in a switched light like this is hard to find and is shorter than most twisty lights in its class. I just got mine from FastTech for only $36. Best price you will find.

Eagletac d25c is a beast on a rcr123
Selfbuilt estimates 700 lumens

D25a clicky is short for its size too at 52 mm

The D25A is 87mm long, not 52mm. I don’t know of any cr123 light that is as small as 52mm let alone an AA clicky which is physically impossible. Even a D25c (cr123) is 75mm.

They goofed on the site?
Battery Type
Compatible battery size (each)
Diameter: 14-14.6mm
Length: 50-51.2mm

Then d25c specs say

Battery Type
Compatible battery size (each)
Diameter: 16-16.9mm
Length: 34-34.9mm

Three reviews say 75 mm, one says 65 and there site is wayyyyyy off at 51 ?

I guess the D25c is the only one in the 2 inch mark


Thanks for the suggestion of Nitecore EC1, though it’s slightly mid-range budget not exactly budget, but for its nice interface the price is reasonable.


D25A is 87mm long. You should look at the top left corner. What you’re quoting are the battery dimensions.


Radiance is correct. You are siting the battery dimensions, not the size of the light itself. Here is a pic of 4 of the suggested CR123 torches to relative scale side-by-side.

The Mini-01 is currently about the smallest of available at just 64mm long.

The Nitecore EC1 Explorer is the shortest switched CR123 in existence at just 65mm but is wider than the rest. That width gives it a reflector of a much larger light making it the best throwing light in it's class while the extra mass and finning make it great at heat dissipation . Those that own it believe it to be the best EDC ever. It is worth every penny at the usual $52 street price. At just $36 from FastTech (using the BLF discount) it is an absolute steal.

The ZL SC31 is 67mm long and has a great interface. I own several ZL torches (they are not budget) and I always thought they had the best interface until I got my EC1.

The Eagletac is a relatively long 75mm but is thinner. It has a standard tail clicky and the usual interface.