Flashlight Photography -an artistic approach!

Ya just gotta love that big ol MT-G2 emitter! Sweet shot Den, that heavy OP reflector really pulls out the phosphor color doesn’t it? Beamshot? :wink: lol

pretty much favorite emitter & tint along with a Nichia219. :slight_smile: its a new JM35 i received not long ago, i don’t have beam shots yet but hopefully soon some evening i can take some.

What? There’s a flashlight in the pics! Full Cu X6 with Nichia NVCS333A at 3.6A. Lighting provided by BTU Shocker triple XHP-70 ceiling bounce. :wink:

Beautiful Dale! :slight_smile: that Damascus steel knife is stunning to look at…

Thanks Den, it’s a Zwilling J.A. Henckels Bob Kramer cooberation with SG2 core and 50 layers of Nickel/Stainless on each side for 101 total layers. Thin, strong, and wickedly sharp. I’m very very pleased with it, had my eye on one for a while now.

Shot those with my little 20D and 60mm EF-S Macro, will try to get some close-up’s with a bigger camera and better lens tomorrow. :wink: Just finished up a thick Kydex sheath clad in black Elephant.

see a head with a hat?

Which optic is that? Polished CUTE-3 Ledil? Nice work with the GITD powder…

Thank you Dale, compliments from you I’ll take gladly any day. You’re right, it’s a polished CUTE-3-SS.

This is the two zone TIR zoom optics of a POP lite t22. The outer zone has a total internal reflection reflector that works only in spot mode. The inner zoom is a converging lens. Inner and front surfaces bend the light of the TIR zone to get it past the inner zone lens. It differs from a fixed focus TIR optic mainly in having a larger inner zone to give room for the LED and the extension of the pill that it sits on, and to provide flood when the LED is zoomed close to the lens. It differs from a Fresnel lighthouse lens mainly in having only two zones.

Here is a black Romisen RC-A8 taken with this modified Romisen RC-A6

held between fingers while holding the camera with both hands.

I ordered my M43 w/ 219c 5000K last Thursday.

I hope I haven’t posted this one before.

Otanacious, how do you like that Meteor? I love how compact it is, and so exquisitely engineered. Really glad I chose the “white” one like yours. :wink:

Also love those bodacious depth of field shots! :smiley:

Lumenzilla, if your Uncles liked that little light as much as your Ants do you’d probably lose it. :wink: hahahahaha

so which of those pix actually used flashlights for the lighting?

I love it man. Coming from other complex UIs like the guppydrv firmware or the ToyKeeper A6 firmware, I got used to its UI quite easily. Build quality is A+, and beefy just like the lens I used to take those bokehlicious pictures of it haha.

Already using it for what my main intentions will be :stuck_out_tongue: