Flashlight reviews on Youtube?

Hi, it would be nice to have a thread about flashlight reviews on youtube here. Most of them are known to this community i’m sure, so i will share one relatively new, great quality and in depth.


Please post your favorite channels.

The only one I like to watch is GoingGear at http://youtube.com/goingprepared

The videos aren’t all that informative in terms of the details of the lights though. Pretty much all the videos I see are too long where they talk about accessories and what not more than the actual light internals.

I hate goingear reviews, he does them on that horrid yellow table with a horrid yellow light, does not do the nice flashlights justice. When he goes outside for the beamshots is nice.

Although it’s probably obvious, it’s worth pointing out that Going Gear’s videos are definitely biased - they’re unlikely to be at all objective because they’re trying to show the torches in their best light (sorry!).

Selfbuilt’s YouTube channel tends to be quite useful but only as a supplement to the detailed written reviews he produces over at the other place.


I also hate the beamshot part, the 15/100 foot ones arnt bad but then he does the farther one to the top of that tree, that is almost useless unless the light is an aspheric, pointing a light up at the top of a tall tree, no matter how far it is, tells you almost nothing about the beam (again unless it’s an aspheric) because it eliminates everything that should be lit up by the spill.

He’s not really doing reviews, he’s demonstrating lights for potential buyers.


cutlerylover does the best Thrunite charger reviews. and flashlights!!

Not everyone likes him but I am just gonna leave this here

I’ve done about a dozen or so under “mhanlen1”

I am working on a new channel with only flashlight related items. Flashlight unboxing, flashlight reviews, batteries, chargers. Will post a link once I get it up, I already have a few videos just need time to edit and get things uploaded. I would greatly appreciate some support from anyone here once it goes live, because it is lots of work and very time consuming.

Looking forward to it

Didn't turboBB do youtube reviews?

PLEASE post the channels, so it will be convenient for everyone instead of searching on Youtube, thanks!

Heggod please post your channel asap :smiley:

Here is the link to my new flashlight channel. I only have 2 videos up thus far that are unboxings and will be posting more on a weekly basis. This is a new venture for me so I am sure at times I will look like a idiot and mispronounce names of items, as I think I did on the XinTD 3x. Anyway, feel free to give input on my videos and channel, as I need it to make things better and grow. Have a good one and thanks for any support from members of this site, sharing my videos to other people or forums that love flashlights and flashlight related items would help tremendously. I will be do doing reviews, unboxings, beamshots, and such for all things flashlight related, batteries, chargers, soldering, hot air, mods, using a dmm. Thanks and the link to my other YouTube channel is in my signature.

Here is my channel. Please subscribe if you want!

Subbed to both, thanks guys :smiley:

Hi, we are just starting working with differents dive light brands. Review videos are with english subtitles too, hope you enjoy the channel. Thanks.
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Suscribe please, you help a LOT!!! Thanks again :wink: