Flashlights in movies

See any interesting flashlights in movies? Post the screen shots here and ID the light.

The screen shots below are from Prometheus. The images are blurry but that’s the quality of the video. The scenes are taken from a team of archeologists exploring a cave using what I’m guessing is a Fenix TK45. Thoughts?

I saw the premier last night…I was thinking it was a TK45. It’s not weird that I can recognize a flashlight by make and model is it?

I saw Ledlenser X21 on Tera Nova TV series.
But that Year is 2149 :wink:

Not any more weird than me nearly wetting myself seeing, for the first time, a triple emitter in a mainstream film!

What about Indiana Jones? I think they use Xenon lights…

Probably true and I wouldn’t be surprised since those movies are older.

If they’re using a TK45, it’s a hundred years old! lol

Here’s my review of Prometheus..

I know its an LED Lenser, but still, was pretty cool to see more than one emitter torches on the side, get picked up and moved out the way so she could get grenades… in the movie Salt.

I was just cleaning up my desk, ended up watching this movie, and just past half way I spotted this and instantly paused the video to bring you this photo. Also turns out that this thread was conveniently at the top of the welcome page on BLF ! (was going to try look for the older thread, but this is convenient…)

Infact, the whole movie is full of lensers… Lots of cool white (blue) tints

That multi-LED torch is a beast! I’ve seen beamshots and it’s a helluva thrower for being a multi-emitter.

Yep, that’s a TK45 alright in Prometheus.

Cool looking, triple barrel and most important of all is that it uses 8 x AA.

Can’t be a Nite eye.

Only a D+. I’m seeing it tomorrow

Read the review. It ain’t no alien! :o

But if you’ll notice on 24, Bauer is almost always using a Streamlight Scorpion after seasons 1 and 2 when he uses a few different lights.

I'm not extremely familiar with the Surefire brand, but I would guess that is one.

The shot is from Castle s03e02.

I think it’s a surefire g2. However I’m sure yellowhorse will chine in to correct me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks very similar, but shorter to my eye. Maybe with some kind of extension tube?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It’s a G3. The G3 and G2Z are the only ones with the Nitrolon bezel that looks like the standard aluminum Z44 bezel, that and the length is correct for the 3 cell G3.

Thanks for the clarification, think2x.

In the 1981 horror flick "The Howling", Dee Wallace' character goes looking for werewolves with a big incandescent flashlight.

Abiding horror film traditions, the light later flickers and dies...

If you’ve noticed, because of modern lighting technology and expectations concerning that technology, you hardly ever see that meme any more in horror films. Now they just rely on the stupidity of the main characters.