Floody XM-L

Since the 3x XM-L thread of mine seems to have died I have another light I want, I already have a thrower XM-L in the JetBeam BC40, I am looking for something that's a good price and is much floodier, thinking possibly in Neutral or Warm white. Any forum boners around here that fit that description?

How about this:


Or: select your fave and use some kind of diffuser 8)

Forgot to say, was thinking of getting a ZebraLight SC600w for this purpose but at $95 they are expensive.

I have a pretty big selection of XML lights and all of the really floody lights are modded ones. Typically an small XRE light converted to an XML will give you total flood the Trustfire R5A3 and the Ultrafire A30B come to mind. You need a really short reflector to get the maximum amount of flood from an XML.

How about an XRE the Ultrafire UF-H3 is a must have light in my book total flood from an XRE at a decent price.


The Ultrafire UF-2100 is also a floody XML as Cheapthrills mentioned it has some rings in the beam if that bothers you.


A neutral XML P-60 drop in with a Orange peal reflector can put put some decent flood also.


This UltraFire M6-T6 has all the right ingredients to be a super floody XML, but I haven't seen anyone report on it yet.


Any p60 dropin should do it for you, they are very floody.

S-mini XM-L even more so, but it only runs at 1A, so you will not have super brightness, but will get a long run time out of it. It comes in a nice neutral, almost yellow, tint.

Curious... Is there a floody XML light thats big enough to dissipate the heat driven at ~2.75A, when used as a constant-on type of task light? I have been using a copper wrapped P60-MCE at ~2.75A in a solarforce L2 host, but the whole light gets scorching hot after ~15 minutes... too hot to hand carry comfortably at that point. The drop in finally died after almost 2-3 years and this kind of torture, so its time to upgrade things.

thanks BLFers!!

The Ultrafire knockoff version of that light is the UF-T50. I don’t know that the tint is neutral (I haven’t received mine yet) but it’s worth taking a look at.
You can take the front lens off (unlike a Zebralight) so you can use filters to warm the tint a bit if you want to.

That’s why you should consider an S-mini that is only driven at 1A. Or run a ‘normal’ P60 dropin on Med instead of High.

while i am a fan of big, impressive outputs ( bc40, UF-980L, sky ray on its way) i must say that for task oriented work, and my actual job, i return again and again to the s-mini in both XPG and XML.

so it could depend on your usage. if you want serios "wow" factor, the light may disappoint. but the usable light in the xml is a great tint and will run a remakably long time on a single charge. orange peel reflector. i have dropped the light several times and it has not blinked (romisen, not so much). they are not driven really hard, but they dont get hot when you leave them on and forget them (not that that ever happens!)

full disclosure: in terms of time actually used, my XPG s-mini on low gets more use than all my other lights combined.

am i mistaken in thinking that serious flood may be the XML's strong suit? it seems people are manipulating it for throw, when its quite elegant for a bright even wash.

also: great company

I have made dozens of XML drop ins driven at 2.8amps that will run an 18650 battery dead before they overheat. The key is a high quality XML emitter with a potted Nanjg 105c driver tightly wrapped with foil in the heavy P-60 hosts like the 504B an L2P or similar host.

The Shiningbeam P-Rocket will run at 2.8 amps also without overheating. It's basically a P-60 with threads.


How about a zoomable XM-L flashlight?
But this one probably doesn't come with NW or WW. I don't know what is your budget, but if you are willing to spend $95 maybe you should hit the DRY, which give you an option of NW and WW, also quite floody. I am sure that the DRY is below $95

And how about Skyray King?

Without truly knowing what type of "flood" your looking for this is a tough question. Personally I absolutely love an XML with an aspheric in flood mode. The beam is wide, even brightness and smooth.

So the Shining Beam P-Rocket should be pretty floody and quality? Also, the C8 variants should be floody too right? Looking at the XinTD C8, looks to be good quality and a good price.

Flood and large reflector don’t go together. Flood means the beam isn’t being collimated. A large reflector collimates the beam.
I guess it just depends on what you consider “flood”.

I know, P60s were mentioned as being relatively shallow and having good flood so that is why when the P-Rocket was mentioned as being liek a P60 i thought it would be good. I don’t really know what a shallow or deep reflector is considered so the C8 may be deep but I don’t know.

Wide is what determines the throw (opposite of flood). Depth adds to the corona (bright area after the hotspot).
If you want flood you just want a smaller diameter head using a XM-L.
Just consider that if you had no reflector at all you’d have maximum flood (no collimation).
You can also just take any light and diffuse it (put diffusion film in front of or behind the lens).

So are you saying C8 and P60 style lights wouldn’t be floody?

P60 with a XM-L would. C8 has a larger diameter head and wouldn’t be what I would call floody.
I diffuse any light that I want to be floody anyway but that’s a personal preference.

Ok, I saw pok's beamshots and the UF2100 looks great, I am between that, teh P-Rocket and the T50 ZebraLight clone, opinions on those 3?

In order of quality:

1) P-Rocket

2) UF-T50

3) UF 2100

The UF-T50 is my current fave, largely due to its very short length and nice beam profile. It is on the floody side already, but would diffuse further very nicely.