FOR SALE - Stock and modded flashlights & CUSTOM P60 hosts


These are the custom hosts. Shown in photo with the laser focus adapter on the front but with that unscrewed they fit a standard P60 drop in

Niwalker Vostro Mvn DeDomed - $140 170 shipped

Sunwayman F40A (BRAND NEW) Literally brand new F40A, batteries were put in the light to test, 100% functional but not a fan of the red/blue leds on the outside. Super compact and bright. All accessories included - $65 shipped

SupBeam X40 (BRAND NEW) with box. Just received it from SupBeam directly. Hasnt even been turned on to test functionality (although I will test it prior to shipping to ensure everything is 100%) - $140 150 shipped

DryVN - Dedomed 6500k xm-l2’s Impulse buy that I dont use. I have a few multi-emitter lights so I use those instead of scratching this one up. Perfect condition, super bright - $70 shipped

Updated Convoy C8 - New version with the shorter body and xm-l2 AND FITS protected cells unlike the others that had fitment issues - $17 shipped with another item

Shadow SL3 - This is the dark grey version with xm-l2 emitters. Again have a few multi-emitter lights - $55 shipped

10 Custom C6 hosts Each custom anodized a unique color. Perfect for a 1-of-a-kind P60 flashlight or laser build (comes with everything need to build a laser except diode and driver). Comes with tailcap switch - $45 shipped EA (discount available for multiple purchased. Have a nice large case they are all in for sale as well PLEASE inquire about cost since its going to be ~$20 to ship alone) BUY ALL 10 FOR $300 SHIPPED IN SMALL CASE

15x Copper C6 Heat Sinks - $10 shipped EA (quantity discount available) All 15 for - $120 shipped

Various optics on mounts. Legit no idea what they are but there are numbers on the glass themselves (cut edges have the numbers almost laser etched in). Two have the same PN as shown in photo, one is a massive lens of some sort (quarter for size reference) - again make offer since I have no idea what they are

Also have a Crelant 7G5CS and aspheric that I can sell. Both are LNIB barely used as with most of my lights.


IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG WITH A VINH LIGHT HE WILL REPLACE OR REPAIR IT FOR COST OF PARTS! Never worry about shipping it back to the manufacture or long waits. He RARELY has any issues but its good to know IF anything happens he stands by his work, even second or third hand lights!

CONUS preferred but I will ship international at buyers expense. PAYPAL only unless you want to send cash (very slow IMO)

Posted the photos that I had already uploaded, can take photos of anything else requested

Some really good lights there, Livinloud.
I’d take the K50vn if I wasn’t over-stretched already :_(

Good luck on your sale :slight_smile:

Thanks, I try and only buy the best. I never realized how much money ive spent on lights until I started listing these. I have over $1500 listed in these 11 lights and as I said before, im selling about 20 more, HOLY COW I probably have $5000 in flashlight!

That Shocker is soooooo tempting, but I’m sure you won’t post it to Aus for $165 lol…moving right along!!!
Goodluck with your sales, some really nice lights in that collection you have there.

pm sent

Very interested in one of the padme’s but as we all know, especially when dealing with budget lights, “brand new” does little to describe their condition. Can you provide photos of the lights condition highlighting any flaws please?

Considering its a control ring light making it not able to be just a host for a build I’m sorry but I’ll have to be extra picky about this purchase

Again I’m very interested and I have money in PayPal ready but I just want to verify I’m getting a near perfect specimen since this light would most likely become a gift light and buying from an individual seller I have no buyer protection like if I bought from a dealer and ended up finding some issues I could just return it

If you don’t want to take the time to host them that’s cool just shoot me a couple via email.
Address below

Found an interesting post, my interest in one of these is entirely dependent on where you purchased them, can you please post (or PM me) that info before you even bother with pic’s…


Is that D25A one of the models where the lens can be removed? If the 2012 D25A Ti allows relatively easy access to the lens and emitter, I’d be interested (will want to swap the emitter and lens).

The current aluminum models allow the lens to be taken off, which gives easy access to the reflector and emitter star. But the current titanium ones have a one-piece head with very strong glue on the pill so it’s nearly impossible to disassemble.

Toykeeper, will check when I get home

PM coming cereal

I would like one of the Black Shadow Padme lights. Please send me a PM with paypal info.

You have money. Test the light please before shipping and thanks.

ToyKeeper, YES the head comes apart. Reflector drops out easy and exposes the XM-L emitter. This might be why a lot more people want this light than the ’14s

Awesome. I’ll take the D25A if it’s still available.

EagleTec D25A Ti- SOLD

Hmm… I love it when the light come in a nice box… And I missed the x40 GB too

Yeah, all my Vinh lights have the box. Got to keep them in brand new condition. Ill smash my C8 and L10 around but NEVER anything over $20 lol

I’m on the fence about the X40. I love it and legit JUST got it this week but I bought it before I said I’d cut back to 5 lights. Figured if it sold for my asking price then I’d sell it, if not I don’t mind keeping it. This would be my 6th light but its super nice so that’s what makes it a tough decision for me.

If I keep the X40 I am doing this to it; 9x XP-L MULEY!!!

D25A Ti SHIPPED! Will PM you with tracking tonight when I get home from the fair

Weekend bump

I must admit, the Shocker was tempting… but I really don’t need one, and don’t have a use for one. It’d only be good for its shock value.

Plus, if I had one I’d have to go get it laser engraved with “the shocker” hand symbol.

Hahaha whoever buys it must do that! I never thought of that but thats funny. I have more invested in it but I know its a tough sale. Most people wont have a use for its massive performance but for someone who does, its a steal. Honestly if the majority of these dont sell I wont be mad because they are all in awesome shape and perform great

Any idea what that hunk of metal would cost to ship to Aus (postcode 2087)?