For Those Wanting To Purchase Trustfire 3800 Lumen 3 XM-L Light: Don't Buy This

Update: Buyer Beware

I found this and you won't get it any cheaper. You can also make the guy an offer and probably get it a little cheaper. I'll also include a link for the cheapest place to buy the extra extension tube so it will accept 3 18650 batteries. So for $46.39 minimum and maybe less you can get all this.

http:// lightmalls . com/extension-tube-for-the-trustfire-tr-3t6-skyray-3t6

I was informed that this guy is selling fake Trustfire flashlights.

Now I posted that to help our members here. If you would rather buy the light from a dealer and not there, then please do so. That guy I believe is very good and should be fast shipping especially for US buyers.

Cool. Not to mention, it's a US based seller so shipping should be very fast!

Right on. And to put that in perspective to price.

And this don't include the extra extension tube.

It's only good for US buyers. Shipping is usd 9.99 to Asia, Romania, Aus etc.... Smile But still a wee bit cheaper.

Description on the eBay page says 8.4V Max Vin. If that's true, adding a third 18650 would be a really bad plan.

Great deal for the 2x18650 though.

Read post #63 here.

Hi there ILIKEFLASHLIGHTS, would it be ok if I unlink the link to the extension @ lightmalls in your first post? Lightmalls is now relentlesly spamming BLF. Filthy company.


one question what does my post 63 have to do with it ?

i was testing a TrustFire TR-3T6 Triple XM-L T6 5-Modes Memory LED Flashlight (3x18650)

i was not testing a TrustFire TR-3T6 Triple XM-L T6 5 Modes LED Flashlight (2x18650 two diffrent things i believe.

2 x 18650 modle is claimed 8.4v max regulated at 2.5 amp

3 x 18650 model is claimed 12.6v max regulated at 3 amp (this is the one i was testing)

so your suggesting to buy a TR-3T6 2 x 18650 (and sugesting you can run 3 x 18650,s) off ebay for $55.58 usd not bad price if it is shipped from brooklyn usa but then add $4.80 usd for the extension tube that might blow up your torch, total $60.38 usd. manafont sell the same thing shipped for $53.95.

but the ebay seller works out more costly and the shipping time would be about the same internationaly so no joy for us interantional guys looks like this ones for the usa boy,s, shipping time from the usa to australia is about the same or more as shipping to from manafont for me any way, (i personaly i would not make two order for the same thing plus pay more for it and the fact that it might get damaged the first time you use 3 x 18650 in it)

there is alot of sellers that claim they are local on ebay but drop ship the items and shipping time is the same or worse it is most likely not the case but it could be, i brought a poineer mp3 player for my car from perth western australia but it was drop shipped from asia not to mention alot of other items lolls.

you can buy the realy deal the TR-3T6 3 x 18650 from manafont for $55.80 (no extra extention tubes needed) and thats the one i would suggest buying and thats the one i was testing on post number 63 you linked and the entire thread, its claimed 12.6v max and has a higher claimed regulation of 0.5 amps so more light out put and you can run 2 x 18650,s or 3 x 18650 for longer run times and longer between charging, but buy what you want from where you want guys.

i would suggest to buy the TR-3T6 3 x 18650 and the only place that sells the TR-3T6 3 x 18650 is Manafont i hope people read the whole thread and just didnt go off and buy the TR-3T6 2 x 18650 and extention tubes thinking they could run 3 x 18650,s in it as it might damage it.

p,s the light will not throw 1000 meters like the ebay seller claimes either around 150 meters is it and its a massive wall of light great torch

i do not work for manafont or trustfire but i thought i should pipe in as i belive my thread was linked out of contexted i would hate to see people damage there lights but buy what you want from where you want guys its a great torch that will provide long run times and will last unlike some others you will love it.

Well I was thinking it was safe to do so. If not, then by all means don't do it.

Yes sir. And if I posted something unsafe please fix it. The last thing I would want is for someone to hurt themself.

Hi there ILIKEFLASHLIGHTS, no worries, I'm not accusing you of posting anything unsafe. I just wanted to remove the link to Lightmalls, since that draws unwanted attention by spammers.

And as always I appreciate the way you go about running this place. Your very courteous.

If I would have been on the other darkside forum, I may have got banned. Well you know what I mean.

You may well be able to run 3 x 18650’s in the TR-3T6 2 x 18650 model but I would not suggest it untill it’s been tryed and tested for long runs cause just incase it’s not able to run 3 x 18650 you have will have people with none working lights that payed more then needed to save a few days shipping that are pisses off, then a good torch will get bad publicity.
I would wait till it’s been tryed and tested first and run 3 x 18650 in the 2 x 18650’s at your own risk I don’t want my post to be the go ahead for people to do it just incase in does not work.
It might work they might be the same driver but don’t go off my post # 63 as I was using a different model the 3 x 18650 and if some one wants to give me $5.80 usd I will test mine to see if it runs off 4 or 5 18650,s for a laugh

Thanks for the info. I know I run 3 18650's in my TR-1200 and Keygos X6 XR-E Q5 light. I don't really know if it is safe to do so, but I haven't had any issues. I ran the Keygos the other day for 1hr and 15 min on high with 3 Trustfire flame 18650's before I turned it off. It was still running very bright for the beam, but the head of the light was getting hot so I shut it down. But heck the head on my Keygos KE-5 single 18650 gets reallly hot. Not a lot of difference.

The TR-1200 is a 12.6v max 2 x 18650 or 3 x 18650 torch so it is fine to run it on 3 x 18650,s I do with mine all the time with constant on high runs up to 1.5 hours, but not all torches will do it, I was not having a go at you I just didn’t want my post to be responsible if people’s torches drivers melted, there is a 3 x 18650 model of the TR-3T6 that’s been tryed and test if people want the extra run time and want to play it safe.

The good thing about TF-3T6 is that the drivers are easily available too (you might want to stock up 1 if you find that the light suits you). Tailcap also compatible.

The bezel, tail cap and switch, o-rings glass lense and extention tubes from the TR-1200 fit the TR-3T6 so you can pretty much fully rebuild the TR-3T6 and the empty TR-1200 host are around 13 bucks shipped.
It’s all in my TR-3T6 thread


I was so excited waiting for this light to come in. My first 3xXML light and lo and behold its a fake. Dang ebay, I knew it was to good to be true. Oh well Manafont here I come! :p

The biggest give away is when I put in the CK 3100s and fired it up to a very underwhelming beam of maybe 700 lumens on high. Drop-in screws into the bezel and not the head. Tail cap draw of 1.78A on high 1.20 on medium and .67 on low.