Forest Trail Beamshots

Some beamshots in a real usage environment: On a forest trail.

All photos are 50mm, 2.0s, f/4.0, ISO200, WB:5000K. Distance to the tree in the middle: 50m

Exposure was adjusted to match "what I saw" with high modes => Low modes are dimmer than in reality (dynamic range of my camera is not as good as dynamic range of my eyes, sorry.. )

First three headlamps

UF-H3 High (as reference):

UF-H6 Low (this could be the "Control" shot)

UF-H6 Med

UF-H6 High

UF-H6 Turbo

eBay "2x18650 Parallel" XM-L Low

eBay "2x18650 Parallel" XM-L High

Then some single emitter lights

XinTD C8 v3 NW Low

XinTD C8 v3 NW Med

XinTD C8 v3 NW High




Roche F22 NW Low

Roche F22 NW High

FandyFire STL-V6 Low

FandyFire STL-V6 Med

FandyFire STL-V6 High

And finally multi-emitter lights

Skyray King NW Low

Skyray King NW High



APEX 5T6 NW High

TR-J12 Low

TR-J12 Med

TR-J12 High

Keygos 7 x XM-L with KD driver Low1

Keygos 7 x XM-L with KD driver Low2

Keygos 7 x XM-L with KD driver Med1

Keygos 7 x XM-L with KD driver Med2

Keygos 7 x XM-L with KD driver High

That's all for today. Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed the beamshots.

what is that ebay 2 x 18650 light you mention? the beamshot looks very good!

Love it. Absolutely wonderful. I really must buy more neutral lights/emitters. But I am always going for more lumens/watt and forget it until after the confirmation email!

Beamshots Rule .

Especially now that Trooplewis has us all on the same page .

very nice beamshots! especially like the apex

WOW your Apex 5T6 is a beast.

great shots thanks for sharing!!

Thanks for the effort. Nice shots. Now we need someone to do mouseovers. Keygos with kd driver looks dangerous on high.

Awesome beam shots. I love trail shots because it brings out a more accurate real life tint.
Thanks for sharing.

As usual, thanks for all the beamshots. The neutral tints looks so much better in the forest trail.

Great shots!!! Thank you for sharing.

This environment really highlights how much better NW is than CW. Great shots!

Thank you for the wonderful outdoor beamshots. NM is the way to go for outdoors!

Excellent shots! i need to start getting NW in the future.

Nice shots. Very helpful.

Very nice work. I thought it was daylight on a couple of those!

Excellent beamshots! Thanks for sharing…

It's the same as what ILF has:

Not bad at all for a $20 light. :)

Thank you all for the compliments. Mouseovers to follow..

UF-H6 vs. eBay headlamp (Mouse over for eBay)

Roche F22 vs. XinTD C8 (Mouse over for XinTD)

King vs. APEX (Mouse over for APEX)

TR-J12 vs. APEX (Mouse over for APEX)

TR-J12 vs. modded Keygos (Mouse over for Keygos)

APEX vs. modded Keygos (Mouse over for Keygos)

Just ask more if I missed some important one..

King Vs Modded Keygos please?