Found my grail emitter!

It’s an XM-L2, UT20E7 bin. It is in the highest flux bin at 3000k, 90+CRI. Got it from Mouser, and have another three on order.

I like it for it’s resemblance to halogen, i.e. warm white that seems to be pure white (has no noticeable tint) but actually does have a warm tint. I will convert all my lights to this.

Compared to my Yuji modded Tube, 3200k, the XM-L2 seems like the same CCT, just in a powerful emitter smd package.

I just got a D4S with SST20 3000k 95 CRI. This makes me scratch my head because the SST20 is more like 2800k. The yellow is noticeable. The XML2 is like cream, the SST20 is like eggnog.

The D4S I can live with as it is solidly performing at night. But my EDCs are all heading to this emitter.

Hopefully I can get you a beamshot of these.

It is great that you found another 3000K 90CRI XM-L2 with good tint. Kaidomain used to have a small batch with very good tint but when they ran out of them they changed to a yellower version.

Do you have the Mouser link?

Can you provide a link to the purchase page? I tried the xml2 3000k 90cri from kaidomain and it looks a good bit above the bbl making it look very yellowish. 7A3

Comparing the XML2 with the 3000k sst20, the xml2 looks very yellow while the sst20 looks very rosy. How does the mouser xml2 tint compare with the sst20 in terms of rosiness?

I believe this is the one.

People still using XML2 then, released in 2013, but development has certainly plateaued!

This is not entirely how it works, manufacturers bring out new models as well as update existing models. Some of the existing models go obsolete at some point, but while it goes without announcements from Cree, the XM-L2 still gets new tints and updated bins every now and then.

Would love to have these emitters for some lights, but shippingcost is killing it.

At least some of you look for “rosiness” in your leds. While I understand this is due to “human preference” and maybe other bits and tips (like ;-) rarity), rosiness is a deviation from the black body locus and thus it still is wrong. Cyan dip and “green hill” shape in led output curves have to do with this.

No need to cry me a river, a brook is :-D enough.


Consider that the Yuji is specc’d at 3200K, 200K above the 3000K SST-20. Even assuming both emitter’s nail their delivered CCT, I know my 2700K and 3000K samples from Mouser do, then the SST-20 will appear 200K warmer then the Yuji. I know Cree XM-L2’s tend to bias 150-200K high which might explain why the two CCT look so similar. I know my two 2700K XM-L2 samples hit the 2900K range, and my 3000K emitter from Simon hits around 3150K. That being said, the XM-L2 is a much nicer emitter the something like the XP-L2 color wise, and the 3000K varient emulates a well driven halogen quite nicely.

It’s worth pointing out this is a viable option for all the old XM-L2 Zebralight models if you like 3000K and you’re up for a challenge.

If someone (preferably Dutch) wants to split an order of these to reduce shippingcost just PM me.

I would like to measure the actual tint before buying these, I have been disappointed by a tint more than once, but that is not how it goes of course.

I’d love to get some of these but I don’t need alot of them and their shipping is a little high. Guess I’m used to dealing with and their free overnight shipping. I’m spoiled in that regard. Looks like a great bin.

Until they come out with an led capable of a balanced spectrum we’ll just have to muggle along choosing between various “wrong outputs” won’t we.

I thought the Optisolis already hit the black body nearly perfectly?

It’s disappointing most of the time, but I really used to like the 5D xml2s.

Nowadays most of my lights have 3000k sst20’s or sliced dome sw40s and the 5Ds look to cold next to them, but still have verry consistent tint with little shift or green.

since you mention halogen, does this resemble halogen at regular use, or one of those overdriven headlamps of the last decade? overdriven halogen stuff had the best colour in my opinion. slightly less yellow.

by the way, if any Hungarian would like to split an order from mouser of these I’d be up for it.

The 3000K XM-L2 90 CRI would be a closer match to a slightly overdriven halogen with its slightly higher CCT then the SST-20, but color quality-CRI/R9- won’t be as good. It’ll still be respectable color quality, though. I believe Mouser also has the 3500K SST-20 95 CRI, but that’s closer to stock fluorescent.

Well, after getting my grail emitter, I ordered 3 more. Unfortunately it’s obvious they are cut from a different reel.

They are noticeably pink tinted with magentas. Compared to the original emitter that inspired this, I don’t like them and would not recommend.

Be aware of Cree binning and Mouser orders in this regard (I was aware), the Cree bin designation liberally allows for emitters all over the ANSI spectrum, above and below the blackbody curve.

Looks like SST20 3000k is the nearest match for the emitter.

Pink tint sounds pretty good to me.