Found my grail emitter!

It’s worth pointing out this is a viable option for all the old XM-L2 Zebralight models if you like 3000K and you’re up for a challenge.

If someone (preferably Dutch) wants to split an order of these to reduce shippingcost just PM me.

I would like to measure the actual tint before buying these, I have been disappointed by a tint more than once, but that is not how it goes of course.

I’d love to get some of these but I don’t need alot of them and their shipping is a little high. Guess I’m used to dealing with and their free overnight shipping. I’m spoiled in that regard. Looks like a great bin.

Until they come out with an led capable of a balanced spectrum we’ll just have to muggle along choosing between various “wrong outputs” won’t we.

I thought the Optisolis already hit the black body nearly perfectly?

It’s disappointing most of the time, but I really used to like the 5D xml2s.

Nowadays most of my lights have 3000k sst20’s or sliced dome sw40s and the 5Ds look to cold next to them, but still have verry consistent tint with little shift or green.

since you mention halogen, does this resemble halogen at regular use, or one of those overdriven headlamps of the last decade? overdriven halogen stuff had the best colour in my opinion. slightly less yellow.

by the way, if any Hungarian would like to split an order from mouser of these I’d be up for it.

The 3000K XM-L2 90 CRI would be a closer match to a slightly overdriven halogen with its slightly higher CCT then the SST-20, but color quality-CRI/R9- won’t be as good. It’ll still be respectable color quality, though. I believe Mouser also has the 3500K SST-20 95 CRI, but that’s closer to stock fluorescent.

Well, after getting my grail emitter, I ordered 3 more. Unfortunately it’s obvious they are cut from a different reel.

They are noticeably pink tinted with magentas. Compared to the original emitter that inspired this, I don’t like them and would not recommend.

Be aware of Cree binning and Mouser orders in this regard (I was aware), the Cree bin designation liberally allows for emitters all over the ANSI spectrum, above and below the blackbody curve.

Looks like SST20 3000k is the nearest match for the emitter.

Pink tint sounds pretty good to me.

Don’t like magenta but I do like pink tint. If I know for sure they will be cutting from the same reel, I would buy some.

NWoodsman, unfortunately the E7 bin is rather large, and you’ll need to specify a tint if you have one in mind. 7D2, for instance, is ~3000K and just below the BBL.

That’s from the Cree binning PDF, page 9.

Edit: don’t mind me, just realized this thread is very nearly a year old. But perhaps someone else will find this useful.

Those who like “pink” at and below 3000k may want to consider nichia e21a. While I really hate pink at higher CCTs, those warm nichias are fantastic

I picked up a couple UT20E7 from Mouser and I can confirm, they are very pink. I didn’t expect them to be this rosy and it surprised me. I don’t have a fancy Sekonic spectrum analyzer but I do have a color meter for photography and these measure approximately the same tint as my sw45k lights. I don’t really care for how purple the sw45k looks at 4500K, but at 3000K these XM-L2 look lovely.

A few years ago I bought some of these 3000k 90+ CRI XM-L2s. I put one in my Maelstrom X10 and one in my Sunwayman V10R Ti. I agree it’s just like halogen, a tad warmer than Xenon. Very neat.

Edit-just realized that’s the Sunwayman in my avatar before I modded it.

In my version sst20 is snowy white compared to xm-l2

Yes, its a nice emitter. But I don’t mind the yellow tint of the SST-20 so I prefer it because of the better CRI index.

Looks like you ended up with a different tint bin. Mine is quite pink.

Kaidomain likes to sell fake bin&tint leds