Foy's going to drool - Solarforce releasing new host, L2T

Saw this at the other place and thought I would share with those that no longer frequent there. SOlarforce has a new host, the L2T and dang, its hot.Cool

Hopefully, solarforce-sales gets it soon.

I'm not that keen on the styling - it looks like a $urefire C2 but certainly costs less than one of those will. But I imagine lots of people will like it, after all, we're all different. Which is a very good thing.

Translated from the version of English I use to the more international version, "I'm not that keen" means "I want the person who designed it to be hung, drawn and quartered, and if they survive that to be impaled on a short stake then crucified...."

I think that would look nice in Sand color :)

Went looking on the Surefire website and it turns out I meant the Z2 rather than the C2.

I'm pretty sure that Surefire do it in sand colour.

If you give them enough money....

Nice! I like the styling, although I don't like the protruding tailswitch in these pictures. I bet they'll ask for upwards of $30 just for the host, though.

Like mr admin said it will probably cost more at least more than the L2P. looks like its got the haIII coating. L2Tactical?

Looks a lot like an Eagletac to me. I'm surprised that on a tactical light they did not put a crenelated bezel.

Definitely modeled after the Eagletac. Good call.


<< I thought this was a garage sale sign in Las Vegas

Interesting , but looks like a lot of blockage from the front [ bezel ] , I await to see prices , and options [ Host body would be nice ]

Not impressed even a bit. Aesthetically lots to dislike... even the tailcap. And this comes from one that considers L2P grey the P60 host par excellance (with the premium fancy foyzel).

If they make a promotion for 10USD each i would still not buy a single one.

Seriously what do you like on this one? (we all have our taste but 80% of the time i found myself pretty compatible to the "mainstream". This time not by a mile away)

Cool find!

Im not personally too keen on this design, but im sure there are quite a number out there that do, given the number of tactical torches of such designs.

I agree that that bezel (or extension of aluminium) is really going to cut the spill down, just a serious glass protector.. At least you have enough metal to cut serious crenelations into it.

Regardless, cool to see new models.

I know a few guys who will want one. Their lights have to be “tactical” whatever that means. I use tactics when planning how to get the lawn mowed, sidewalk edged and pond filter cleaned while leaving plenty of BLF time in the day. Maybe I need a tactical lawnmower.

That looks good!

I no likee.

It's a no go. Kind of mismatch look and no tailstanding. Gonna pass this one.

Or well... For a tenner maybe, but not for more.

i like the bezel and the body...if this dont cost alot, i will buy one and replace it with l2p hend and tail.

I quite like it. If they don't want more than $30 for the thing, I'll order one. Solarforce lego is just to much fun!

I'm pretty sure a variety of new bezels will follow for this light; maybe it even takes the old SolarForce bezels. As far as the tan color is concerned, well, there's still ceracoat.

However, none of that would ever lift this light out of its blunt absence of any appealing design qualities.

The EagleTac it's obviously modeled after appears to be more sophisticated. If given the choice, I'd rather take the EagleTac.

The L2T takes just the very same cells as an L2 or L2P, takes just the same P60 dropins, so despite the rather questionable design, there's nothing new. Personally, I think SolarForce should have made another production run of the now-obsolete T4 instead, maybe with some update features like (hint, hint!) a three-mode XM-L T6.

I am still trying to figure out who on earth would seriously put an engraving on top of a knurled surface... sticks out like a sore thumb on that L2T...