Free US shipping, Arrow electronics, (extended)

They are a supplier similar to mouser or digikey, although their website sucks for searching by types of product. They have a bunch of other stuff, but here are some popular bare emitters I have found. Thanks to Tom E and TexasAce for telling me about the sale.
XP-L High Density
6500k, V6 bin - $4.24/ea
6200k, V6 bin - $4.19/ea
5700k, V5 bin - $4.55/ea
5000k, V5 bin - $3.79/ea
4750k, V5 bin - $3.70/ea
4500k, V4 bin, 75cri - $2.95/ea

5700K, R3 bin 90+ CRI - $1.58/ea
5000K, S5 bin - $1.68/ea

Thanks pd. It looks like they have free international shipping if you spend over $50.00.

Thanks PD

Thank PD. Ordered a few emitters.

If you find any other good emitters please post them. I looked through XP-L HD’s, Tom found the XP-G3’s. I didn’t see any good bins of XP-L HI or XHP35, most were back-ordered. I didn’t look for XM-L2 or other XHP’s

I wanna know when all of the US Cree sellers are going to have XP-L2s on hand…

hmm I had actually forgotten about the XP-L2. It didn’t get much buzz here.

Wow, I must have done better then I thought on those Texas Avenger drivers, It seems I gave them the breath of life! Or artificial intelligence anyways lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

I kept meaning to post a thread on this but never got around to it. It is a great way to order some driver components without the silly digikey shipping costs.

I have a big shopping cart I have been putting together there, I keep waiting to actually place the order until I have everything but I keep finding more.

They also have some 3000K 80+ CRI XP-G3’s:

I used 2x of these and 2x of the 5700k in an S41 and it gives an amazing tint and color rendition (well, until I dedomed one of the emitters by mistake).

Edited :person_facepalming:

I haven’t figured how to read the XPG3 product codes yet. Do they have any high bin 3500-4000k?

Arrows search engine sucks, no argument there.

Here are all the XP-G3’s they have in stock:;

The first set of digits is the XP-G3 model.

The second set of digits is the CRI, H = 80, U = 90

The 3rd to last digit is the bin, you can compare it to the datasheet to figure out which flux bin it is.

The lase 2 digits are the tint. E2 for example is something in the “2” range, 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d ect.

I ordered a bunch of these” Osram Duris E3s “:

They are an inexpensive small 3 x 1.4mm SMT LED with no focusing lens. The ones I got are slightly cool in color 5000K but still have a CRI of 85, the light looks very crisp and clean. They are a low power LED like a 5mm but are fairly efficient. The only down side I have found with them is the packaging material has way to low of a melting point. It makes it difficult to hand solder them as the packaging quickly turns to a melted blob. Best luck has been with using solder paste and making sure the LED is anchored so that it does not attach it’s self to the soldering iron tip like small SMT components like to do.

I mainly got them for adding white back light to things and making replacement automotive interior light bulbs.

Hey TA if you are getting driver components, would you mind sharing your cart? I found the FETs I need and Attiny25’s but I’m having trouble with reverse polarity diodes? I prefer the SOD-323 package because that’s what I’ve put on my drivers.

I can probably handle resistors myself.

Which Tiny25’s are you getting. I was having trouble figuring out which ones would work as there are so many model numbers with no data that I could find explaining the difference.

For some reason it is not pulling up my past orders, although pretty sure I just copy/pasted the model number from digikey into arrow and it came up with the diode.

I just pasted the 25 model from my last Mouser order Attiny25v ssu

I see, so you got the low voltage 10mhz version?

I was curious if the 10mhz version would work with the existing firmware/fuses.

There was a debate about it in the 25/45/85 thread some months ago, and I don’t think any issues have been reported on any of them.

Richard sells the non-v version, and that’s working fine too.

I’m probably just get the cheapest

Thanks! I ordered a couple xpg, xpls and an xhp35. Fingers crossed. (shipping and billing address are

lol, thats the same thing I planed on doing.

Looks like it’s backordered

XHP35 is actually a good idea, I could use a cheap one for torture testing. Gonna grab one of the 5 bin’s

Gonna see how it handles an FET driver with the max duty turning down a bit.