Free US shipping, Arrow electronics, (extended)

Domed I assume? They are back ordered on basically all of the HI’s

Yeah, a lot of the cheap ones are back ordered, although I did get some 85’s for pretty cheap on my last order.

Correct, power handling should be basically the same between them, just the lumens that should change if it is like the XP-L hi.

Anyone else found any goodies on arrow?

I got an email for a survey and they sent me a coupon code for filling it out, so I now even more so want to maximize this order lol.

I got a 10% coupon for my first order. I’m still filling my cart as well. I really wish they had some good XHP35 HI’s, but oh well.

Yeah, I have looked through the list for those as well but they just don’t have them.

My biggest complaint with Arrow is all the limits on the good items to 1000 minium quantity. They then dump those into the same sections as the items you can buy 1 at a time. Annoying to think you found the perfect item only to realize that you need to buy 1000 of them.

Heck, I wish they had some XP-L HI’s.

Oh yeah, I decided on these tiny25’s, if you buy 10 the price drops to $1.14 and then the coupon code drops it down even more:

Here is my shopping cart at this point, I still need to go through all my driver components and see what I am short on. Think I am going to buy enough to build 25 or so TA drivers to test the waters.

Are you sure that 25 is the right package size? I think it’s the bigger one like the 85s

Good catch, well the cheapest option after that is $1.30 each when buying 10 of them. MTN sells them for .95 cents each. So it works out to basically the same price as ordering from MTN and paying shipping, except that you can then add on more stuff from MTN……

Me 3…
order place a few minutes ago. Where they located? Shoulda looked… I was charged Tax. :money_mouth_face:

Arrow sells a good selection of optics, including from Ledil.

Here is the Cute3 SS for the X6 triples, $2.37/ea

Thanks for the tip vw

Anybody know what the ‘R’ means on these Attiny’s?

I’m deciding between these two. Makes no difference maybe?


Found ONE Carclo optic available as 1 pc purchases.

20mm Triple 10511 Narrow Spot Frosted $1.28

I never even thought about looking for optics at arrow for some reason.

There is more variety of the Ledil Cute 35mm versions available as single purchases too.

Normally I get my Carclos from LEDsupply. Always free shipping under a certain weight, but they don’t carry Ledil.

Somehow I wandered off to LedSupply right now. :smiley:
yeah no ledil.
Kahod (spelling?) is another I have only heard of. Never could find any suppliers in the states.

Well I’ve placed an order mostly for driver parts and a couple XPG3’s to try dedoming methods. Still have a week in case you guys find some other great deals there.

I already have way too many things in my cart but I might try to find the parts for a buck driver as well so I can play with that once I get it finished.

Had to look through the datasheet to find it. It simply means “Tape and Reel” packaging. :wink:

EDIT: You do know that the “V” means a lower minimum voltage, though, right?