Free US shipping, Arrow electronics, (extended)

Yes, although I thought it was discovered the lower voltage only applies at a lower clock speed, which is set by fuses, which are not the fuses that we use. So I was under the impression it didn’t make any difference with how we flash them.

In any case I ended up ordering two of each, but thanks for confirming about the ‘R’

Yeah, I think you’re right about the lower clock speed. I forgot about that.

Anybody find anything else good? I found two resistors I forgot to order, a total for 20 of each comes to $0.08. Seems like a waste

I never order less then 100 at a time for resistors, they are so cheap at arrow I am just ordering 250 at a time, generally less then $1.

I am ordering 250 of all the resistors we need for the normal drivers, figure I will just get them out of the way for about $6.

They also have LDO’s for cheaper if you are interested in those. In fact they are cheaper for everything I have checked so far.

Do you have P/N's for the LDO's? I got ones without reverse polarity protection unfortunately, so if the ones you found have it, I'd look at ordering them.

These are the ones I had ordered from digikey before after doing a lot of research on them, I have not actually used one yet though, just getting a few more as I plan to build some L6 drivers.

I recently made and order for arrow thinking that the free shipping was only for September. Actually it turns out that if you have a valid student email you get free shipping all the time plus an additional 20% off!

As has been said, Arrow’s interface is all sorts of awful, so I ended up searching through djozz’s reviews for interesting LEDs and then manually searched the part numbers in google for

Arrow has some really cheap osram emiters. I was intrigued by the emitters tested by djozz here: New Osram Oslon Square, testing a 4000K 92CRI typ. emitter
I’m really hoping they are similar emitters to what arrow lists here:
Not the exact same part but for 83 cents for 1 emitter I figure why not?

Another interesting Osram arrow might carry is the emitter tested here: Three Oslons tested: 1) latest gen. Oslon Black Flat 2) SSL80 4000K 92CRI latest gen. 3) SSL80 4500K 96CRI 1 gen. before latest
Its the first one that djozz tests part number LUW HWQP-8M7N. Djozz calls it the new surface brightness leader.
Sounds great right? Well when you search the part number at arrow you get this:
Honestly, gives so little description that I had no idea whether that is the right part number or not so I didn’t buy it. But if someone is building a compact thrower it could be worth the risk to try out.

I just placed my order. Ended up getting the parts to build 25 TA drivers (with a lot of extra resistors) and 3 mixed tint triple S2+ High CRI lights. Had to cut the order down some due to budget and it lost my shopping cart and I didn’t feel like finding it all again lol.

You can try this coupon code to get 20% off your order: ARWTHANKS

Yeah I forgot to use my coupon when I ordered :person_facepalming: Oh well, their prices are pretty god anyways.

I’m assuming you are using XPG3’s for your mixed tint light? I was also annoyed that their site deleted my cart the first time. That’s why I ordered quickly to avoid trying to remember everything.

Yeah, the mix tint S41 turned out so good I figure I will try it in some triples as well. Everytime I turn it on outside I am amazed how good the color is on the S41 even with the de-domed emitter.

I have a a quad with XP-G2 mixed 3D and 3C tints, and another quad with 4000k and 5000k 219c’s. They are both ended up with very nice tints. I’ve been meaning to try a mix with further apart emitters but haven’t gotten to it yet.

Yeah, I mixed 5700k 90+ cri with 3000k 80+ CRI and it turns out amazing at around ~4300k. The further apart they are the better from what I have seen, it gives the most variation in the tint output and since light is additive the more color you have leaving the light, the whiter the light will be and the better colors will look.

Obviously you still want to match it up so the final tint is pleasing to look at.

For these triples I plan on 1x 5700k, 1x 3000k and 1x 4000-5000k, not totally sure on the 3rd one yet, I ordered both to play with.

I’ve been wanting to do it in an SRK-type light. If I get my hands on a Q8 that’s probably what I’ll do.

Funny you should mention that, I actually got enough to build a 7x SRK up with a range of tints in this order. I am quite curious how that works out.

Ha, funny you should mention THAT. My first idea was a 7x SRK because it had 6 emitters in a ring and one in the center. I bought 3 Nichia 219B’s and 3 XP-G2’s 2A tint for around the outside, and a 7A XM-L for the center. I never bought the host though so the emitters got used for other things.

Impossible for me to navigate that site…
Let alone make sense of the product codes…
Was interested in those 90+ CRI XP-G3 LEDs, but i guess i’ll wait for other stores to sell them…

Well, the order was shipped, (Yay) however, for some reason, my 5 LEDs were split up into two shipments!! This is going to bite me in the ass real hard because charges here are per package and customs officers just slap charges on packages without any consideration of actual cost. lol This deal may not work out to be such a good deal in the end. :zipper_mouth_face:

You do know that Texas_Ace has a nice quality 7x SRK for sale, right? :wink:

I need some 3.5mm leds for some home lighting projects. I’ve got a number of g3s in my cart intended for that purpose. However, I’ve noticed a few, well more than a few, posts regarding poor tint from these leds. Is it just the high cri 5700 version or are all g3s this way? Anyone have better suggestion for home lighting? I was thinking g3s cause they are cheap, but poor tint in a flashlight, maybe. But in my house not so much!

The tint is actually great, the issue is the tint shift around the edge of the hot spot. In house lighting where you do not use a lens it is quite possible that they would be fine (this is what they are more designed for anyways).

That said I would order a few to start with and see what you think first. You can always put them in some flashlights if they don’t work for house lighting.

I also might have something you would be interested in for house lighting coming down the pipes soonish, PM inbound.